Angelica Ceron
Angelica Ceron

Angelica Ceron

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Angelica Ceron
Angelica Ceron

Angelica Ceron

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I'm Angélica, I live in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro. I love literature, cinema and Brazilian music. In my Portuguese classes you can learn the language in all its aspects (reading, writing, understanding and speaking) in an enjoyable way. I will also introduce you to the Brazilian culture so you will be able to travel or to make business in Brazil. Using online resources, I offer knowledge about Brazilian Culture and History that focus on intercultural aspects that to help the student to understand Brazilian society. I'm a Portuguese for foreigners in Brazil in individual lessons for children and adults. I teach Portuguese in small companies. I have also taught exam preparation lessons for CELPE-Bras. Meu nome é Angélica. Eu moro na cidade maravilhosa. Gosto de literatura, cinema e música brasileira. Em minhas aulas de português em todos os seus aspectos (leitura, escrita, compreensão e fala) de uma forma agradável. Eu também irei apresentar a você a cultura brasileira para que você possa viajar ou fazer negócios no Brasil. 我是安利卡,来自里约热内卢。喜爱文学,电影和巴西音乐。在葡语课堂上可以轻松地培养写作,泛读,口语等方面的能力。另外,我也会介绍给你巴西文化方便你在巴西的旅行或工作。此外,通过网络资源,我也可以分享给你巴西历史文化社会的情况。在巴西我主要给外国人葡萄牙语,具有丰富经验。我也提供celpe-bras 预备课程。

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