Andy Martin
Andy Martin

Andy Martin

  • Spanish tutor、English tutor

  • SpeaksFrench、German、Portuguese、Spanish、English

  • FromUnited States of America



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Andy Martin
Andy Martin

Andy Martin

  • Spanish tutor、English tutor

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    United States of America

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嗨,我的名字叫安迪,從2001年開始我一直在教語言。我曾經在不同的國家和不同國籍的學生一起工作,這就是為什麼我喜歡學習語言,能夠更好地幫助和理解我的學生。我喜歡教初學者,看他們的進步,並能夠開始用新的語言溝通。我自己也學習語言,我的課程喜愛以會話為基礎。我會繼續學習一些其他國家的語言,以便能夠幫助更多的世界各地的學生。在我們的第一堂課中,我會先檢查你的程度,溝通你們希望學習什麼,開始規畫課程,若因為某種原因,中斷了課程,當你回來學習時,會知道之前的進度到哪裡。希望能夠認識你們,以專業的方式幫助你實現你的目標! Hi, my name is Andy, and I have been teaching languages since 2001. I have worked in different countries with students from different nationalities, that´s why I love learning languages to be able to help and understand better my students. I have taught students of all ages and levels. I have to confess that I enjoy teaching beginners and see their progress until they are able to communicate in the new language. I also learn languages, so I know that what a language student wants is to be able to speak and understand the new language, that´s why my classes are based on speaking, that means, from the very first class you will be speaking and I will be giving you the instructions in the language you are learning, that´s the best part of the class, and I really enjoy making my best so that you can understand and speak in the new language. I also understand that there are some students that prefer to receive some explanation in their own languages, so that´s why I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and I´m doing my best to improve rapidly my French. After French I will keep learning some other languages to be able to help even more students around the world. Besides focusing on speaking I also prefer teaching in an organized way, that means by levels. So during our first class I check your level and I get informed about what you are looking for. And from there we plan what we will learn and how our classes will be organized, so you will always know during the months, in what level you are and if for any reason you have to stop our classes, when you return to study with me or any other teacher you will know exactly where to continue. If you are an intermediate or advanced student we can go on progressing and also improving those small (or big) mistakes that for sure you are trying to get rid off. I am really excited to meet you and help you in a professional way to reach your goal!

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  • Sabrina Hsieh

    Amazing teacher! Having a really nice conversation: )

  • 林慧雯


  • Vivi Liu

    He is a good teacher.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for teacher Andy, we have a nice conversation.

  • Rosalia

    老師教學很有經驗,練習口說的時候能夠適時糾正學生的發音以及句子的流暢完整度,課堂利用不同方式讓學生練習句子;課程節奏掌握很輕鬆適當,極度推薦給想要好好學習西語的初學者,老師的口音非常清楚明瞭~^_^ Andy Martin es un profesor buenisimo, muchas gracias!


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