Alvaro Heras
Alvaro Heras

Alvaro Heras

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Alvaro Heras
Alvaro Heras

Alvaro Heras

  • Spanish tutor、English tutor

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As I said in the short introduction, my goal is not to teach grammar or to help someone get a certificate. I actually help my students truly acquire the language so their speech is natural and spontaneous, just like it is in their mother tongue. Thanks to this approach I speak 5 languages now and believe me when I say that I don't waste a single minute of my time consciously studying languages and their grammar rules. Feel free to contact me and I'll tell you more about it. This approach is not only more effective than the traditional grammar approach, but it also helps you learn a language while enjoying the process, so we're talking about a win-win scenario here. I'm not only going to teach you language classes, but I'm also going to give you keys, resources and habits to keep working on your language skills outside of the classroom while carrying out pleasant and interesting activities that, in most cases, you probably carry out in your daily life already. I have experience of over a year teaching languages online. I really look forward to getting to work with you!

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Online Language Teaching

I've been teaching languages online with this approach for more than a year and I've been able to help my students truly acquire the language.


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