Alice Ayel
Alice Ayel

Alice Ayel

  • French tutor、Spanish tutor

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Alice Ayel
Alice Ayel

Alice Ayel

  • French tutor、Spanish tutor

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I am Alice Ayel, I am originally from Paris and I have been a teacher of modern languages (French, Spanish and English) for more than 15 years now. I have strong GCSE, IB and IGCSE experience and my students achieve excellent results and enjoy learning another language. I strongly believe anyone can speak multiple languages because our human brain is hard- wired to do so. Learning another language opens up new opportunities and gives perspectives that you might never have encountered otherwise. The natural way to acquire another language is to first listen to the language. You already did it when you were a baby. Your parents and carers kept talking to you and telling you stories. The same happens here, you first listen to the language you want to learn and then speak it when you are ready! I teach fluency and proficiency through stories. Stories are intriguing, they capture your imagination and instead of focusing on learning a language, you are focusing on comprehending a story. The language itself is not your worry anymore, you are interested in the content, in knowing what is going to happen next in the story and therefore you are acquiring the language without noticing it. When you have a session with me, you create and tell your own stories, you listen to stories, you read stories. Your brain stores the new words effortlessly and permanently because it generates multiple connections and therefore you become fluent fast! You understand 90% of the spoken language and you can take part in everyday situations. It is fun, it is incredibly efficient. “THERE IS SOMETHING SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE WAY ALICE TEACHES. I FINISHED THE LANGUAGE LESSON ENERGIZED, NOT TIRED! I AM NEW TO STUDYING LANGUAGES AND SOMETIMES WHEN A LESSON IS OVER, I FEEL MENTALLY EXHAUSTED. ALICE MADE THE LESSON FUN AND L LEARNED SO MUCH IN SUCH A SHORT TIME!” CHASITY, USA. “I TRULY ENJOYED OUR SESSION TODAY. I AM DELIGHTED TO BE WORKING WITH YOU AND SO PLEASED THAT I FOUND YOU. I WILL BE HAPPY TO PAY YOU FOR TODAY AS WELL … YES, IT WAS THAT GOOD. THE SESSION GOT ME OUT OF MY HEAD AND AWAY FROM WORRIES ABOUT GETTING IT RIGHT AND THEN WORRYING ABOUT BEING WRONG. :)” NANCY, USA. As well as having the live lessons with me, you will also: > read your own stories and answer comprehension questions, > receive weekly personalized input: songs, articles, videos... > be part of a reading program: read many books and become an autonomous reader in another language. Whether you are a complete beginner or you need to brush up your language skills, try a session with me now. Have fun, feel empowered and most importantly acquire tons of French! P.S. Subscribe to my free newsletter on my website to receive weekly French input directly in your mailbox: fun videos, stories, articles, songs...

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Thuringia International School - Weimar, Germany

Teaching Spanish and French to 11 to 18 years old, preparing them for IGCSE and IB

English Martyrs Catholic School - Leicester, UK

Teaching French to 11 to 18 years old, including low, middle and top ability sets

English Martyrs Catholic School - Leicester, UK

Newly Qualified Teacher Statutory induction period completed satisfactorily


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