A Lifelong Journey of Staying Hungry and Foolish 🥰 學習是給自己最棒的禮物🎁!

Last September, I started my English learning journey on Amazing Talker. Thanks to my hard-working colleague who highly recommended Melody to me, I have enjoyed my learning trajectory since then.

As a teacher myself, I’ve constantly used English in my daily life. But still, I felt it was not enough. My lack of advanced vocabulary and poor clarity of thoughts made me wonder how I could improve my spoken English when discussing challenging topics. That’s the reason why I decided to have classes with Melody.

Melody is an amazing teacher indeed. She surprises me every time by giving me various materials. The topics she has introduced such as “deep work”, “minimalism”, “deliberate practice”, and “meditation” are so interesting. By sharing lots of books with me, she has introduced me to so many awesome authors like Gary Chapman, the writer of “The Five Love Languages.” Through thinking and researching complex issues, my speaking skills and worldview have obviously improved.

To enlarge my word bank, Melody always uses dynamic words in our conversation, giving me a chance to write them down and try to utilize them purposefully. Being a professional teacher, she gives me sincere and straightforward feedback, helping me see my weaknesses and improve on them. As a keen learner herself, she also recommends different books and learning materials, like logical puzzles and Netflix shows. Melody is also a good storyteller and a wonderful listener. We share stories about our lives and exchange ideas, making our English lessons so inspiring and mind-blowing.

Sometimes I talk to my friends who have also participated in Melody’s class at some point, we all agreed that her lessons influence us a lot not only in the language-learning phase but also in character development. She cares about you as an individual, as a friend, not just as a student. That’s why I consider Melody as my life coach, one who leads me onto the right track.

The most effective class I’ve had with her was about “minimalism.” After the lesson, I even put “being a minimalist” as my yearly goal, trying to encourage myself to purchase only things that add value to life. And I did manage to achieve this goal since my husband recently told me, “You're buying fewer things now!”

“Education” is also one of the most thought-provoking topics that I’ve had with Melody. As a teacher, I always try to discover ways to teach effectively. I am very grateful that I've met Melody, a passionate teacher, one who always encourages us to be curious about the unknown. She once said, “to bring yourself up to the next level, you need to speak more, think more, express more, and read more.”

What a great example of “Staying Hungry and Foolish” she is! Always hungry to learn more, and foolish enough to love her students and give so generously. There’s no teacher like Melody. I appreciate that Melody comes into my life and becomes one of the best teachers in my lifelong learning journey.







Melody老師是位充滿正能量的人生導師!課堂中除了英語學習,時常是我們巴著老師聊天,聊個沒完,跟老師聊天不只很輕鬆,更能感受老師對我們的關懷❤️🧡💛💚💙💜!有次和老師分享週末玩耍,老師突然說出“Happiness is only real when shared!”,那天我嚇傻在螢幕前,因為Melody一秒讀心,馬上發現我的核心思維 (my lifelong core value)! 跟著老師學習超過半年,這半年中的課中,時常有關掉視訊,我的內心仍澎湃不已激動的感受。無論是在英文練習中被老師直指弱點,或是分享生活瑣事時得到老師的提點,這些溝通的練習,都讓我情緒有莫大的起伏 (I’m an introvert!😳) ,時常需要好好沈澱一下,思考一下,才能繼續下一步!

Melody老師也常常提供多餘練習的課程,讓我們參與。每次每次,我都敬佩老師充滿能量,願意給予學生好多好多。當被老師扶持一把的時候,我都會想著,要帶著這個能量,去承接今天遇到的小朋友們,讓他們可以接收這個來自他人給予的力量👏!當一位老師重新回到學生身份時,我更能理解孩子們的心理,When I put myself in other people’s shoes, I understand them better.


Teacher in the story

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  • Wanting, thank you for sharing your story with us! I am so glad that you have found a teacher that you can really connect with and has been able to help you reach greater potential, not only in English, but in life. Keep on living with passion and pass on to the next generation!
  • Thank you for sharing so many things here! There are a lot of good thoughts/core values in your story that inspired me. For living, I like your topic "Staying Hungry and Foolish" most. For learning, I like "speak more, think more, express more, and read more.” I'm also interested in the Netflix shows you mentioned, I see some films recently as well. Finally, I want to say I totally agree that we are so lucky to meet Melody!
  • 寫得真好,我看得很投入!看得出來您跟Melody一樣都是很棒的師
  • Melody is really a rare and amazing teacher. I love learning from her too. We are so lucky to meet her.
    Your story is so great too and I can also learn a lot from your story.😝 I believe you are an excellent teacher too.
  • I'm so grateful that we crossed paths, Wanting!! Seeing you learning and growing continuously makes me so proud and inspired at the same time~
    I believe that you also have GIVING as one of your core values and that's why I also learn so much from you whenever we spend time together~ I receive just as much as I give, if not more!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to reflect and put your thoughts into words. It is such a pleasure and honours reading your writing and being a small part of your life~
    Keep learning, keep growing, and keep giving!