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wrote toCamilo Ruiz

2019/11/19 12:16
good teacher and nice class.
Yagoba is a friendly teacher. The class was fun and engaging, and he has lots of materials on hand, which makes me think that he can teach basically anything Spanish in his class.

wrote toYagoba Gomez

2019/11/17 12:27
very good

wrote toCynthia Elías

2019/11/15 12:56
We checked my writing during the class. Even though I made some mistakes, Cynthia didn’t tell me the correct answer at the first time, she made me think to help me improve my grammar better!

wrote toGiles Baker

2019/11/14 15:43
it is a good lesson with a good teacher!

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wrote toDanetza

2019/11/13 01:46
Highly recommended!

wrote toCynthia Elías

2019/11/08 06:36
Thank you, Cynthia, for always being so devoted and patient with me.

wrote toBibiana

2019/11/06 11:18
Bibiana is a super nice teacher and makes you feel really relaxed when talking, recommend!

wrote toNatalia Menen

2019/11/05 11:39
Natalia is really nice and super professional and provides very structured material, recommend!

wrote toMonica

2019/11/04 20:58
A teacher that really cares about a students individual needs and provides customized materials :)

wrote toBibiana

2019/11/01 05:11
Professional teacher with excellent materials! I would recommend her lessons. The only little problem was the internet sometimes lagged for a few seconds.

wrote toMara Ángel

2019/10/29 16:31
Teacher Mara is very easy to talk to; the class was conducive and interactive. She explains in a manner that is clear and concise. The materials are colorful and simple. I highly recommend her for Spanish learners. Thank you. :)

wrote toMara Ángel

2019/10/29 14:23
Learned a lot of new words.

wrote toAlejandra Cottier

2019/10/23 12:07
Teacher is awesome, my child is always excited for her next lesson.
Alejandra is an excellent teacher, who contacts students before the first class. She also explains grammar clearly for beginners. Thanks Alejandra for the great lesson.

wrote toGiles Baker

2019/10/22 10:37
We talk about why I’m looking for a tutor. Giles is funny and we did a lot of conversations.

wrote tonatalia gabetta

2019/10/18 15:24
Good lesson. Exactly what I wanted. It's a pleasure working with Natalia !