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wrote toCynthia Elías

2019/12/08 03:11
Gracias Cynthia! It’s very enjoy to learn Spanish from Cynthia. She made the tricky part easy to understand!
Álvaro was a very friendly and patient teacher. He described things clearly and was able to explain difficult concepts in a way that was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend lessons with Álvaro. Álvaro老師很用心!文法變得很容易理解!人又好笑!!真心大推薦!!!

wrote toCamilo

2019/12/01 17:00
I take a Spanish class from Camilo every Sunday morning. I really look forward time with my teacher. He always has a proper lesson for me. And I really like the conversations we have when he speaks Spanish to me. I ask for spelling of words and write them in my journal. I enjoy him sharing his cultural insights. I am going to purchase more lessons.

wrote toEva Chen

2019/11/30 06:45
thumb up

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wrote toKaren Martínez

2019/11/21 15:19
Karen is a friendly & experienced teacher that I would surely recommend to anyone, especially beginners! She made learning Spanish sound easy haha! Look forward to our next lesson.
I have no foundation in Spanish at all, and Veronica helped me understand the words in English. She is very patient and kind, and she listens to my learning needs. Great teacher!

wrote toCamilo Ruiz

2019/11/19 12:16
good teacher and nice class.
Yagoba is a friendly teacher. The class was fun and engaging, and he has lots of materials on hand, which makes me think that he can teach basically anything Spanish in his class.

wrote toYagoba Gomez

2019/11/17 12:27
very good

wrote toCynthia Elías

2019/11/15 12:56
We checked my writing during the class. Even though I made some mistakes, Cynthia didn’t tell me the correct answer at the first time, she made me think to help me improve my grammar better!

wrote toGiles Baker

2019/11/14 15:43
it is a good lesson with a good teacher!

wrote toDanetza

2019/11/13 01:46
Highly recommended!

wrote toCynthia Elías

2019/11/08 06:36
Thank you, Cynthia, for always being so devoted and patient with me.

wrote toBibiana

2019/11/06 11:18
Bibiana is a super nice teacher and makes you feel really relaxed when talking, recommend!

wrote toNatalia Menen

2019/11/05 11:39
Natalia is really nice and super professional and provides very structured material, recommend!

wrote toMonica

2019/11/04 20:58
A teacher that really cares about a students individual needs and provides customized materials :)

wrote toBibiana

2019/11/01 05:11
Professional teacher with excellent materials! I would recommend her lessons. The only little problem was the internet sometimes lagged for a few seconds.

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