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wrote toMiguel

2017/03/08 06:37
老師很友善。學到了很多知識。 Very organized & friendly. I learned a lot. Gracias!

wrote toLuddey

2017/03/06 22:21

wrote toManuel

2017/03/06 22:12
El tema hoy es la gastronomía y ya tengo hambre. Quiero ir a españa y comer la paella , ensalada, tapas......Muchas gracias y hasta pronto!今天的主題是食物,課越上越餓!

wrote toLuddey

2017/03/05 13:33
even thought there are problems, I hope it could work next time, you are an amazing teacher.

wrote toJose Luis

2017/03/04 23:50
Muuuuuuy buen profe :D

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wrote toLuddey

2017/03/03 18:30

wrote toMiguel

2017/03/02 16:47
Miguel 非常專業且準備了非常多的教材供我們使用,甚至還有Audio CD 給我們聽增加西班牙文的語感,十分有效的學習方式! Miguel is very professional teacher! Even prepared lots of materials for different level students to learn.

wrote toElena

2017/03/02 16:04
Elena is patient to their students and correct your mistakes carefully. The best part for me is that you have to respond all in Spanish.

wrote toMiguel

2017/03/01 20:32
老師一剛開始就開共享螢幕,讓我邊看教材邊學習,最後還有影片!! 覺得老師很用心,雖然有時候老師講話的速度有點快,但整體來說還是很棒!!

wrote toMiguel

2017/02/28 23:39
這堂課非常充實,Miguel讓我自我介紹、問他問題、練習ser和estar的題目、讀文章並看影片,短短的三十分鐘學到了很多。Miguel is a good teacher. He prepared the lesson really well. Muchas gracias!

wrote toElena

2017/02/28 23:06
很認真的老師!會用西文解釋西文! :D

wrote toElena

2017/02/26 20:11
老師讓我在課堂中講了許多的話,我覺得相當的充實! 我是一個蠻害怕講錯的人。就算遇到我不會的部分,她也會慢慢引導,不斷鼓勵我! 她是個人好,且相當有耐心的一個老師~覺得上她的課很棒! 唯一可惜的是,老師上課有她的教材,不過常常畫面不是相當的清楚就是了。

wrote toMiguel

2017/02/24 18:14

wrote toMynor Rodolfo Catu Esquivel

2017/02/23 23:36

wrote toGustavo Yizreel

2017/02/23 23:36

wrote toElena

2017/02/23 22:36
Awesome! Teacher Elena is very well prepared! She did a PPT and showed me videos about the expressions we learned. High recommended!

wrote toMaria

2017/02/20 23:45
Maria es una profesora muy buena:) We practiced speaking and listening a lot. She taught very well and showed lots of passion in teaching which I felt comfortable and happy during the thirty-minute lesson. Muchas gracias!

wrote toCary

2017/02/19 22:30
The course is very organized. Cary practices speaking with me a lot in the class. She is really patient and the class is lots of fun. I would highly recommend Cary for people who want to learn Spanish.

wrote toJose Luis

2017/02/19 21:08
El profesor tiene mucha paciencia, y me ayuda mucho .

wrote toElena

2017/02/18 22:38
I get to know lots of things that I need to prepare for DELE exam in the lesson, and I think Elena is a good professor that she prepared a lot for the class and everything was organized well. Muchas gracias!

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