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wrote toMatias Saavedra

2020/03/17 09:06
very experienced and patient teacher. I ‘ve learned a lot just in my two classes ! Highly recommended.

wrote toNatalia Menen

2020/03/15 16:15
Natalia is patient with me as always. She is willing to let students try than say cannot. This is one of the reasons I like to have a lesson with her.

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wrote toCynthia Elías

2020/03/15 14:59
have learned how to use "Por". Homework is to write in sentences and text to discuss during next class
It's a bit tough to learn pronunciation. Thank you so much for your patient profesor :'(

wrote toEdmundo Horna

2020/03/06 20:30
One of the best teacher I’ve ever seen!

wrote toBerna FCO. RGUEZ.

2020/03/04 16:01
The trial course really helped me get to know Berna's style, and he provided evaluation questions to start the class. The lesson was very well organized and fun. Even for beginners will learn a lot from the class.

wrote toRaquel

2020/03/04 12:34
Anson told me she had felt pressure in this lesson because she had to speak pretty much in Spanish with you. However I felt her happiness in her facial expression. Thank you for your patience and care.

wrote toYagoba Gomez

2020/03/03 17:55
The professor's teaching style has changed and catered to the needs of each of my learning phases. He will constantly ask what I want to learn and make adjustments, which shows the flexible and customized capabilities of his profession.
Thank you teacher I learn a lot of new words and grammar in this course.

wrote toCynthia Elías

2020/03/01 15:02
Teacher is responsible and friendly,when the end of the class, I practice lot of Spanish and feel happy.

wrote toAixa J.O.

2020/03/01 01:10
She is friendly and easy to talk to. I would only recommend it for intermediate learners only if you think you can hold a conservation in spanish at least for a few minutes. She does use google translate from time to time though to make sure I understand certain things. But it is definitely a challenge

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