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wrote toMatias Saavedra

2020/03/25 03:15
Thank you for being encouraging throughout the class. The class is very constructive with professional presentation.


2020/03/24 14:30
excellent lesson as always!

wrote toTeresa GL

2020/03/24 13:01
Easy to talk and learn something new during the class
Always nice to chat with teacher Carlos to practice speaking!

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so much fun as always! looking forward to the next class every week:)

wrote toEva Chen

2020/03/22 15:12
Learnt some Spanish culture, muy interesante

wrote toAlbery Lora

2020/03/20 02:24
We talked about teletrabajo. Learnt a lot

wrote toBerna FCO. RGUEZ.

2020/03/19 14:59
Great trial with Berna!
teacher is a very nice person to talk to! I can learn a lot from her.
we started in a casual and conversational way of learning and I'm looking forward to improve my Spanish from Mayelit!
The material was very well prepared. She structured the lesson with reading and focus on speaking in conversation. She was very encouraging throughout the class. I highly recommend Nargués.
my kid follows very well this class, the flash cards, song and use fruit to create sentence such as l like, l eat, l try..gain the confidence to speak and easy to remember.

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