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wrote toCatherine G (Wang Kai Ling)

2018/02/22 15:43
I will work harder to achieve the test!

wrote toWen

2018/02/15 01:52
Thanks Wen for the teaching materials. Learned a lot!

wrote toMiguel

2018/01/31 13:06
Miguel is a nice teacher. He asked me some basic questions like why I wanna learn Spanish before the class started. He will explain something i dont know in English and in Chinese. He taught me a lot in the very first lesson, which other teachers dont.

wrote toMiguel

2018/01/31 12:29
MIguel is a very good teacher. He customizes the class for my need and explains in English very well.

wrote toRicardo

2018/01/11 11:07
Ricardo is an excellent teacher. He understands how to assess a student's skill level and to teach according to the student's ability. He has a lot of good ideas about how to make learning fun and interesting. I can recommend this teacher to everyone! Thanks for your patience!

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wrote toDanetza

2017/12/10 01:45
I am satisfied with the class, the teacher was so kind and easy going, we had a good feedback, she has interesting ways of teaching the language and I recommend her to the community.

wrote toJosé

2017/11/28 13:52
very nice and be patient with me

wrote toMario Cámara

2017/11/27 18:20
Profesor Cámara is a great teacher for beginners and intermediate+ students. He is friendly, talkative, and funny :D I enjoyed my trial lesson with Profesor Cámara. 老師個性隨和,幽默,切健談,適合初學者及會話練習。

wrote toGustavo Yizreel

2017/10/16 05:03
The best spanish teacher I've ever had. :)

wrote toWen

2017/10/15 12:41
Thank you taught me this lesson ~ look forward to on after your lesson,

wrote toZuriel Valencia

2017/10/13 22:38
Zuriel is a nice and friendly teacher. He taught Spanish pronunciations very carefully. Those who want to learn Spanish, he is a nice choice.

wrote toAndrewColombia

2017/10/02 01:42
We had a nice conversation. Andrew is a kindly teacher and teaches with patient. I enjoy the class and I will recommend his class to my friends.

wrote toEster

2017/10/01 02:07
Muchas gracias por la clase! This is my first one-hour class with Ester. She is extremely patient and encouraging. She also provided learning materials so that I can prepare before the next class.

wrote toLuisa

2017/09/23 01:41
Thank you for a wonderful lesson! :)

wrote toAstrid Machado

2017/09/20 04:38
I enjoyed my trial lesson with Astrid. Her class was organized. She was very professional and friendly. Her pronunciation was clear, so it was easy to understand her. Most importantly, she gave me plenty of time to practice my speaking. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend Astrid's class. 老師很友善,很容易相處。她的英文西文發音都很清晰,上課也很有條理。不管你是初學者還是想要練習口語會話,我都很推薦 Astrid 老師。

wrote toElvis Caldera

2017/08/04 14:12
The teacher is awesome. We learnt some new vocabulary today. Tried to use those words to make sentences of questions and answers. It was so much fun.

wrote toDIana Villabona

2017/06/17 15:30
It was a great experience to have class with Dlana. At first, she tested my level and thought me to practice some basic conversation! Awesome!

wrote toMiguel

2017/06/02 08:05
very good class thanks
Catherine is such a wonderful person to spend time with! It was totally a pleasant class, and we laughed almost all the time. I personally love the way she guided me through my weakest part – listening. She would not push me too hard, and would patiently wait for me to say the answers and give a response and all of the sudden – I just started to have a conversation with her. IN SPANISH! Hurray! She asked me beforehand about my level in Spanish, and also gave me a lot of useful pieces of advice on how to learn Spanish that greatly help me absorb the notion of the grammar from the fundamental place. Oh and even though we were about to run out of time, she insisted on making sure that I understood everything she said and giving me the extra materials so I can learn by myself. I really appreciate that, really considerate and warm. :) One thing I really fancy is that she talked about the different usages used in Spain and Latin America, that is fascinate to a person who wants to know more than just language itself, like me. To sum up, I am so satisfied with the class I had with Catherine, because she had like a hundred ways to make the class worthy, happy and challenging at the same time. --------------------- Catherine超好聊,很活潑很開朗,我們上課期間幾乎都笑到歪頭XD。 課前她有傳訊息給我詢問程度及想加強的地方。而很特別的是,在上課前她就已經有先說我該怎麼提升、用什麼方法在非上課期間進修,跟一般課後才這樣做的老師不一樣。 我說自己的聽力很差,Catherine說那可以從發音開始加強。我一開始不懂什麼意思,但上完課之後簡直茅塞頓開,她很有自己的一套教學方式!!大推!!!! 上課前有個小測驗,她問了我一些問題看程度。啊我聽力真的很差,但她超有耐心,會一個字一個字說,真的不行就用英文解釋。她有時會針對我的答案延伸下去,不知不覺我們就開始用西班牙語聊天了,超感動,沒想到我也可以用西語對話。 Catherine也很常補充西班牙語在西班牙和拉丁美洲用法上的差異,這部分我超喜歡,很有趣XD,雖然她都說「哎呀我又分心跑離主題了,我們繼續回來上課」,但我一點都不覺得這是分心,一來可以練聽力,二來可以瞭解文化差異,多棒。(所以我都會問差異在哪裡,然後她就會開始舉很多好笑的事情) 這次上課即便時間已經到了,Catherine還是堅持要確定我都了解文法概念後才下課,並且給我一些作業和教材讓我自行複習,也有針對上課前的小測驗馬上給回饋(好的地方會誇獎,弱的地方會給改善意見),真的很感謝她。整體來說,Catherine是一位上課方式很歡樂、很有趣味性、有一套自己的教學方法、在歡樂中同時也有挑戰,可以讓學生學到很多的老師!

wrote toGerardo Romero

2017/05/05 03:21
Gerardo is simply awesome! He is fluent in English, hence we can communicate with each other easily even though I am just a beginner in Spanish. As he said in the video, he is very patient, and knows exactly how to guide me when I didn't understand the questions. One thing really important is that Gerardo never interrupted me when I tried to express myself with poor vocabulary or grammar structure!(laughing) He would repeat the questions again and typed them(also with the correct forms of answers based on my response) into the chatting box so I could catch up the ideas easily. Overall, it was a truly fun class! He is always encouraging me and always smiling, and he also gave me a lot of useful advice on improving Spanish. Gotta say that I became more confident with learning Spanish after having his lesson! Thanks so much! ------ Gerardo真的超有耐心!有時候我自己表達的不好或結巴時,Gerardo都會很認真、專注地聽,然後重複一