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wrote toGabriel Mosches

2019/05/27 14:24
Thank you, Teacher, for making me remember basic Spanish. If I have free time, I will learn Spanish with you :D. 😁. ★★★★★

wrote toTeacher Ann

2019/05/21 08:07
Ann is very professional for the exam preparation Will continue the class with her!

wrote toGabriela

2019/05/19 03:03
Learning Spanish with Gabriela is fun !

wrote toMonica

2019/05/16 15:45
Thank you very much for Miss Monica's patience, I will study Spanish more and I am glad for talking with you.

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wrote toGabriela

2019/05/12 11:31
Gabriela is a great teacher. Very friendly and easy to talk to.

wrote toLucia

2019/05/10 15:06
Lucia makes learning Spanish very enjoyable which really makes me more willing to try to speak in the class. Lucia的西語課非常有趣,雖然學習西語可能不是那麼容易,但輕鬆的上課氣氛讓人可以更放心地開口。

wrote toElena Piorno

2019/05/08 12:21
I really like this teacher

wrote toMara Ángel

2019/05/07 12:59
Hello you taught me very good:)

wrote toÓscar Sandoval

2019/05/04 04:12
It was great to have the experience lesson with teacher Oscar, he has its own teaching material and know language structure very well, I can understand the simple grammar of Spanish even it's just the first and short lesson.

wrote toCamilo Ruiz

2019/05/04 03:12
Teacher Camilo teaching Spanish in interesting way, it's nice to interact with teacher.

wrote toCarlos Alberto Rodríguez

2019/04/23 13:27
In the trial class, I can recognize few easy vocabularies.

wrote toAlexandra

2019/04/23 12:27
The materials that teacher Alexandra prepared is easy to understand.

wrote toMynor Rodolfo Catu Esquivel

2019/04/23 01:53
Teacher Rodolfo was well prepared for his first class with our children and demonstrated an engaging and flexible approach. He was able to produce interesting material instantly and on the fly thus moving the lesson in whatever direction the conversation moved. Given the great number of available teachers, we consider ourselves fortunate to have found this maestro.

wrote toWen

2019/04/21 11:04
Very nice teacher even though she was sick :)

wrote toMara Ángel

2019/04/03 04:31
Good teacher and good class! nice to meet you too:)

wrote toMara Ángel

2019/03/28 15:30
Enthusiast and professional! I really enjoy having the conversation with Mara.