good class again!
first time to have a full class, it's pretty good actually, patience teacher and willing to correct the mistakes i've made, excited for next class and the altitude i can reach in the future under her teaching!

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Hua Huawrote toWen

2019/07/17 18:00

Jessie Chenwrote toWen

2019/07/17 11:56

Shenwrote toWen

2019/07/17 11:03

Melissa Wangwrote toWen

2019/07/17 09:05
老師關心學生狀況!! 很貼心~

Lavenie Yamwrote toWen

2019/07/16 22:31
課堂上的互動很多,多說多練習, 老師很有耐心