In this lesson, I have review my homework and revise some tenses. Thank you for teaching me !! Muchos gracias !
In this lesson, I have learn some new vocabularies. Thanks for teaching !!
I have revise the examen 3 and 4 in dele A1, I have ask and answer questions to practice oral and I have also review my homework. Miss Monica is a kind and nice teacher. Thanks for your help in dele A1, I hope that I can past. Thank you very much !!!
In this lesson, I have review my homework with the teacher Monica, I have do a oral task of exam 2 and I have also play a game which there is about 35 questions to answer to practice my speaking part and in some of the questions, I have to make a sentence into a plural form, the game was very fun. Thank you for teaching me and I enjoy the lesson very much.
In this lesson, at first, I have study other things which is useful for knowing more vocabularies in Dele A1,then I have study the speaking ( 3 parts ). Thanks for helping to make me learn more words and thanks for teaching me !
I have learn some vocabularies and I practice my speaking task.
Ms Monica is a very good teacher. She helps with my DELE exam and did so many exercises with me. She is a responsible teacher.
Ms Monica is a very kind and patient teacher. You will really able to learn Spanish her class.
Thanks for teacher Monica ! Ms Monica is a very well prepared and a patient teacher, she is helping my daughter with her Spanish. My daughter loves attending the class and learning Spanish from teacher Monica.

Other reviews of Monica

吳敏琦wrote toMonica

2019/06/19 17:13
La profesora es muy profesional y puede darme muchos consejos útules.

葉庭妤wrote toMonica

2019/06/18 12:03
Muy bien

gretchen tamwrote toMonica

2019/06/15 16:59
¡Muchas gracias, profesora Monica!

JYUN CHENwrote toMonica

2019/06/13 16:04
老師會根據個人程度作規劃 如果有任何需求都可以跟老師說 是一位很棒很有教學熱忱的老師!

WENRUN LIwrote toMonica

2019/05/23 22:31
Una de los mejores profesores que me he encontrado. Me haces sentirme más segura en mí misma. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, Monica!