Masih is happy for making note after class and providing the recordings for my review.
Good lesson
I've got much encouragement to improve.
I have more confidence in speaking Farsi
I have so many chances for practicing speaking.

Other reviews of Masih Mousavian

Yunliwrote toMasih Mousavian

2019/07/10 21:34
Masih is a very kind and good teacher, we talked about cultures, working experience and life. It's kind of relax free talk, highly recommended!

JoChouwrote toMasih Mousavian

2019/07/10 00:10

Elsa Chungwrote toMasih Mousavian

2019/07/04 13:34
He is a very nice teacher. My child likes to talk with the teacher.

pattykaowrote toMasih Mousavian

2019/06/28 23:28
it is nice.

Timwrote toMasih Mousavian

2019/06/09 00:19