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wrote toMia

2019/12/27 03:17
Happy new year ;)

wrote to詩妍

2019/12/21 10:03

wrote toHenry

2019/12/20 01:25
I just need to talk to you about the refund and answer your questions and said something kind to you, but you treated that way, I am really sad about this.

wrote to芸芸 🇰🇷

2019/12/18 21:47
芸芸 is a wonderful Teacher, she is very flexible and clear. Really love her course :)

wrote toHenry

2019/12/18 06:27

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wrote toHyun (현)

2019/12/17 15:19
Teaching seriously, Teacher will correct spoken problem in time. ^^

wrote toHenry

2019/12/08 15:49
Teaching student verbal way to speak that more like native speakers

wrote to怡妡이흔

2019/12/03 06:22
Flexible talking and motivated teaching style for students

wrote toHenry

2019/12/01 12:28
Henry teaches really well that i can understand korean grammar easily. Besides, I have plenty of changes to practice. Great teacher.

wrote toHyun (현)

2019/11/26 15:05
Hyun is a great teacher, She is very patient and enthusiastic to student. Thank you for keep encouraging me.
Thanks Susan, it was a nice and short session, i enjoyed it!. Susan was nice and she will flexibly adjust the right level that will suit you the most.
It’s nice to see a teacher have patience to teach with a totally beginner in Korean. And also nice to see Joy.

wrote toKisu

2019/11/15 05:50
very good lesson.

wrote toJun

2019/11/14 03:23
Jun is patient and open-minded with my need for free chat learning style. He explained everything clearly and allowed me to expand from that. Thanks a lot :)

wrote to천주영 Juyoung(Helen)C

2019/11/11 14:35
The teacher is really kind. She shared lots of voca to me and helped me build complete sentences in Korean. Also she’s very friendly and willing to listen to what I say. A very good teacher and definitely recommendable for having Korean class!

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