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wrote toYumi

2019/09/30 15:10
Thank you, Yumi! Your are such an interesting and friendly teacher. Looking forward to scheduling your class:)

wrote to佳奈 Kana

2019/09/30 14:31
Kana, you are such a cute and friendly teacher. I was impressed by your energetic teaching style ! Looking forward to having classes with you in the near future:)

wrote to佳奈 Kana

2019/09/30 09:15
Thank you so much for your patience
she is a very nice teacher. very easy to talk to

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with Japan IT company experience, could teach correct business japenese.

wrote toTsumugu 紡

2019/09/28 14:25
Very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my lesson.
a lot of conversation practice, enjoyable as usual.
Chieko-sensei is very friendly and easy to talk to, I look forward to learning more from her.

wrote toRie

2019/09/27 04:28
Teach and explain grammar clearly

wrote to百恵(ももえ)

2019/09/24 16:28
Perfect teacher, patient and nice smile, willing to share more than lesson materials but also geography, brilliant pace
Nice teacher and easy to communicate in English. Can know what I need also has high patient. Highly recommended!!
Very kind and helpful. Customized class to my needs and genuinely wants to help me learn.

wrote toサキナ(Sakina)

2019/09/20 22:08
She's a very bright and intelligent teacher.

wrote toNozomi

2019/09/14 15:13

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