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wrote toAdriana # 1 VALUE FOR MONEY

2020/02/17 15:09
nice teacher! patient and friendly!
Sonia is a nice teacher and I look foward to learing more Italians from her. Thank you very much!

wrote toElvira

2020/02/17 12:04
the class was impressive and very helpful!
Today's course was focus on prepositions using. It was my common mistake for using them. Thanks teacher for sharing and always give me lots of encouragement not only in studying English but also positive thinking.

wrote toCora Orlando

2020/02/14 14:00
So helpful!

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wrote toFranco-italian teacher Alexy

2020/02/13 09:57
I am really enjoying my classes with Alexy - she is lovely and encourages me to speak despite my lack of knowledge and confidence!

wrote toMarco Palmieri

2020/01/28 15:08
thanks for him, he so patience

wrote toCarmine

2020/01/22 06:58

wrote toMattia

2020/01/17 10:03
Mattia is very good, he let us easy and fun to learn, he quickly found out about my learning problems and pointed out, let me easy to catch up, he is so smart and flexibility.
We had a trial class today, Sonia is really enthusiastic and friendly, and it was a pleasure to meet you as well! Thank you!
Sonia has given a lot of opportunities for me to pronounce new words, sentences, and questions.

wrote toAdriana # 1 VALUE FOR MONEY

2019/12/04 05:52
we had a little test for my Italian level, very nice and friendly teacher, suitable for all levels.
Sonia is really nice and patient! I have learned so much in her class. Looking forward to our next lesson!!
Adriana is very nice and friendly. She gives me many opportunities to talk and also helps me correct them.
It's a pleasure to have a trial lesson with Marco. He prepared slides to introduce himself and his lessons, and has asked about my needs for our possible future lessons. He is professional, gentle, and definitely recommended :)

wrote toAdriana # 1 VALUE FOR MONEY

2019/10/10 12:30
Thanks a lot for today's lesson! Now I get to know more Italian.
We've studied a lot today. As a student, I start to have some general idea of Italian grammar. Sonia is very encouraging and gives me positive feedbacks. Language learning could be fun and enjoyable. Practice makes perfect!

wrote toMattia

2019/10/01 03:25
Mattia is talkative, lively, and interesting. He helped correct my mistakes and keep notes for me, so that I can review by myself after class. I requested for a conversation lesson today, but since he is an experienced Italian teacher who has been teaching in different places, I believe that he can also teach grammar/writing/basic Italian etc. very well. Recommended!