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wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2020/01/19 12:58
Dank je wel Renee! I had fun in your class, really motivated! I'm looking forward to the free conversation part in our next lesson. Fijne avond en tot de volgende keer :)

wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2020/01/08 13:33
I had a really great time during my first lesson!! It is hard to learn a totally new language, but Renee helps me feel comfortable and have confidence : ) So excited to keep learning Dutch with Renee!

wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2019/12/18 17:45
Thank you for another awesome lesson!

wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2019/12/11 08:30
Had a great lesson with Renee. She is very professional and well prepared. Good teacher.

wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2019/11/29 07:15
wonderful lesson, Renee created a relaxing atmosphere, that is good for learning! those lessons are very interesting and productive! thankyou Renee!

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wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2019/11/17 21:56
Renee is very well-organized teacher. She knows the what needs for each student and provides customized learning materials. It is nice to have class with Renee. Look forward to processing more sessions with her :)

wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2019/11/17 10:24
Renee is really helpful, and the material provided can also be used to practice by yourself. I'm looking forward to more lessons with her!

wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2019/10/29 13:36
Very nice and patient teacher! Thank you:)

wrote toAnne

2019/10/10 14:44
Anne is nice teacher and introduce some Dutch words to me.

wrote toRenee van Zandvoort

2019/09/09 10:01
Renee is a great teacher to encourage me to start speaking Dutch from the start. I especially like the slides that she makes as it was really easy to ready. I would like to speak like her one day!

wrote toAnne

2019/07/28 12:39
Awesome as usual : )

wrote toAnne

2019/07/16 12:31
Used additional for the lessen of reading, according to the student's level

wrote toMiss Lien

2019/07/05 08:26
I enjoyed the class~

wrote toJoris Onzea

2019/04/28 13:58
Joris is a very good Dutch teacher. With this lesson I improved my vocabulary and went over some important topics for a beginner. I would recommend Joris because he makes learning Dutch very fun and easygoing

wrote torobbert koeslag

2019/04/27 15:14
Robbert is an amazing teacher

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