Luke helped me to develop the ideas of my Master course's presentation. He can critically point out the problems and give useful advice.
Luke is really helpful! Really learnt a lot with him!
Talking with Luke can help me practicing my critical thinking skills. I think my English fluency will get better after few lessons!

Other reviews of Luke - Philosophy & critical thinking

We had a discussion about a segregation movie called Hidden Figures. Luke taught me how to describe a movie, making it sound interesting to catch people's attention. Also, he had me explain my tooth problem, which is quite challenging to me.
Tutor Luke was able to satisfy my needs and answer the questions I had in mind. He also provided me a strategy on how to improve my English skills such as giving focus and importance to the substance and not only to the structure when speaking.
this is a opportunity to meet with philosophy teacher in this class!
Luke and I had discussed the current pandemic and the political views in the US and then Luke asked some of the interesting interview questions. Luke kept asking me questions which required critical thinking skill and i think it really helped me to express myself clearer. I would like to continue to learn English with Luke.