I made much progress in English talking with Pam. I found that it is practice that can lead to fluency in English. Keeping talking and practicing is very important in learning a language.
I made much progress in English talking after taking Pam's classes. I think I will keep practicing my oral ability with her. :)
Really helpful for learning conversations in English. Pam has very practical course materials and has lots of topics to talk with.
Keep learning business English with Pam. Keep leveling up my English speaking!
I practiced more of the business English with Pam today. We also excitingly talked a lot of other topics. I really enjoy take Pam's lessons since we share common interests that we can have many topics to talk and it's also great to learn English at the same time.
I learned some communication skills in business meetings. The materials that I practiced with Pam really helps my speaking skills a lot. I hope I could gradually make more progresses and apply these skills to my work field in the future.
I keep improve my speaking with Pam. She really gave me many valuable advice for my habits and grammatical errors in English speaking. I think I could become more close to native speakers if I keep practicing with her. :)
I have practiced some very useful phrases in business field with Pam. She is very good at giving me practical advice and modifications to my sentences. I am also looking forward to my next class! :)
Pam's lesson materials are really good. I am taking speaking lessons mainly for business or social application. There are some technical speaking that I really learned a lot from Pam's lessons. :)
Thank you so much Pam for taking your time to teach me at night. You have provided so many tips to strengthen my speaking in English, and very patient and kind during the class. Hope I could improve my speaking ability as soon as possible I can. :)

Other reviews of Pam (IELTS /Business/TOEIC Expert)

Pam is a nice lady who corrects my grammar and speaking patiently.
Pam corrects my errors and gives helpful advices :) I really enjoy her classes.
Highly recommended this teacher!! Very good and professional