Learn how to exchange money in English today. Watch some interesting little English videos. We are happy to learn English with Adam teacher.
Thank you teacher for giving me the song today. I hope that I will improve myself. Continue to learn English with Adam teacher.
I found that the teacher is very talented. Today's network is a bit unstable, I feel a little pity, but I am still very happy in class.
The first morning class, I feel that I am still not very clear, thank you teacher is still very patient teaching. Very sorry.
The teacher is very funny and very good chat It’s great to learn English by chat. Let's learn English with Adam.
In class, I learned to learn English by singing. It is very interesting. Thank you teacher for teaching me the airport's entry and exit dialogue today.
Thank you for teaching by chat. I learned a lot today.
Have a good time. I learned a lot today. Thank you teacher.
A little tired today. But the teacher still has the patience to teach me. Thank you, teacher.
Thank you teacher for giving me the opportunity to practice life dialogue. This class is practiced in many conversations.

Other reviews of Adam 🏄‍♂️亞當老師🗺

What's more wonderful is that I found a friend in a teacher on Amazing Talker in addition to just learning.
This was our second class. We had a problem with Amazing Talked's audio. Adam has followed a teaching logic. I am liking it.
Teacher Adam can find my hobby to and gave me lots of time to speak and also he is very patient.
Thank you Teacher Adam children not exclude speak English