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wrote toAhmed Mohii

2020/02/19 20:15
Ahmed is a good teacher. He tested me in the beginning to see my arabic skills and than we started going through our book.

wrote toManal

2020/02/17 13:17
Another great class

wrote tooubbadah

2020/02/11 16:26

wrote toAhmed Mohii

2020/02/05 17:10
Ahmed has professional background in teaching. As a trial class the most impressive is his learning plan&material for students. Highly recommended!

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wrote toJAMILA.KH

2020/02/04 07:55
Professional with patience

wrote toSimo

2019/09/27 05:56

wrote tooubbadah

2019/09/19 16:37
Wonderful learning experience

wrote tooubbadah

2019/09/04 09:27
Good teacher

wrote toZainab Mostafa

2019/08/17 15:38
Teacher asks many questions, records my answers and gives many chance to speaking Arabic. Thank you.

wrote toAmir

2019/08/14 12:06

wrote toAmir

2019/07/30 06:49
perfect examples for practice
Wonderful teacher. She is very patient to the student and always motivate me when there is a difficult time on learning. Her English is excellent. Well done Rim

wrote toZainab Mostafa

2019/04/27 11:27
Excellent teacher!

wrote toSimo

2019/03/26 23:14
Thank you very much Simo for your flexibility and accommodation.

wrote toMarwa Mousa

2019/03/17 13:43
Friendly teacher :D

wrote toManal

2019/02/19 17:37
Manal is a kind, friendly and patient teacher and person as well. She introduced me in Arabic language in a very simple and understandable way. She also send me matterial to study. Thank you Manal!

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