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  • $26 - $30

  • 26 - 44 years old

  • Taipei (GMT+08:00)

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Korean for Beginners

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Mon, Tue, Thu

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18:00 - 24:00

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Encouraging the students in their study process.Establish good communication with parents (if teaching children) to periodically inform them about the progress of their child.Assisting students in learning Korean.


Must adhere to the company's rules and policies.Be able to maintain a stable working relationship with students.Must be aware of tutoring methods being used currently and modify the methods according to the requirements of the student.

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  • - Work according to your own flexible schedule.
  • - Set up your own rates and ways of promotion.
  • - Comprehensive online tutoring training and guidance.
  • - Build up your own brand with free promotion.

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