Gabriel Vasquez
Gabriel Vasquez

Gabriel Vasquez

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Gabriel Vasquez
Gabriel Vasquez

Gabriel Vasquez

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Language Level

Beginner 1

What Will I Learn?

Engage real world conversations like meeting people, ordering food, booking a room at a hotel, etcUnderstand how Spanish works (grammar)


Speak Spanish from day one was designed to help students actually understand and use the language beyond the most common phrases covered in other Spanish courses. Vocabulary and useful sentences are important, but it is even more important to understand how to build sentences, in order to actually speak the language. Our team has discovered that you need only three things to learn a new language: - A Structure -which is the grammar- - Content to fill that structure -which is the vocabulary- - And Confidence -achieved through practice and experience This course provides them all! The grammar is explained through clear direct grammar lectures, where you will fully understand the structure, and you will get the understanding you need to build the most complex sentences. The vocabulary will be presented in specifically designed lessons, with images and all you need to memorize vital words. The confidence will be achieved through practices (more than 40 real life conversations) including our “VIAJANDO EN ESPAÑOL” lessons. Where you will get in touch with actual useful Spanish. Our lessons are designed to show you the vocabulary and structure you need during the regular sessions, to engage enlightening conversation activities called “Viajando en Español –travelling in Spanish-” later, where you will get comfortable with hundreds of sentences and examples. You will be able to engage the most diverse conversations: from booking a hotel room to meeting new people and ordering food! But you will also receive a deep formation on Spanish structure, enabling you to actually speak beyond “Nice to meet you” and “Could you bring me water”.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Nothing! this course is designed to be suited for everyone!

Who is your target student?

  • Every single student who wants to master Spanish conversation, while building a solid grammar formation

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • Engage in all kinds of conversations and understand Spanish grammar in depth.


  • Lesson 1-Introduction: Introducing yourself in Spanish

  • Lesson 2-Grammar: Verb to be

  • Lesson 3-Practice: Verb To be

  • Lesson 4-Conversation: Verb to be. Professions

  • Lesson 5-Conversation: Verb to be

  • Lesson 6-Grammar:

  • Lesson 7-Family and Friends

  • Lesson 8-Los Numeros

  • Lesson 9-Present tense

  • Lesson 10-Irregular verbs

  • Lesson 11-Por vs Para

  • Lesson 12-Conversation on plans

  • Lesson 13-Adjectives

  • Lesson 14-Adverbs

  • Lesson 15-Conversation on descriptions of things

  • Lesson 16-Conversation on description of actions

  • Lesson 17-Indefinite words

  • Lesson 18-Progressive tense

  • Lesson 19-In the airport and Hotel: conversation

  • Lesson 20-Present perfect, indefinite and imperfect tense

  • Lesson 21-The past in depth

  • Lesson 22-Would in Spanish

  • Lesson 23-Useful prepositions

  • Lesson 24-The future in Spanish

  • Lesson 25-Conclusion and summary


  • Rosalia

    Gabriel is Great! 課堂上會修正學生句子的文法,讓整句文意更流暢,對於不熟悉的單字也能夠加以解釋,即使是體驗課程也受益良多;課程要結束前也會提供反饋,讓學生了解到優缺點以及未來可學習的目標,是個有教學經驗的老師~ 在中南美洲的西班牙文來說,口音是非常清晰易懂的,推薦給想要開始學習中南美西文的學生 :-)


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