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Language Level

Beginner 1

What Will I Learn?

After acquiring the knowledge and best practices in this course, student will be more confident to get their dream job.


This course tackles the best practices of a perfect candidate for the job. Of course, it's not only for applicants. If you are a recruiter who wants to be more professional in choosing for the effective candidate, then these questions will help you get more details from the applicant. These questions also gauge the applicant's behavior. In this course, I will provide you tips on how to answer even the hardest questions. You will come up with the best answer using the key points you learned. I also experienced interviewing people and it's hard if all the candidates' credentials are appealing. You're down to who has the best answer so you need to think out of the box questions. This course is highly-motivational because it is student-centered. First, you will be informed of what to say on each scenarios. You will read dialogues regarding the scenario. Lastly, you will apply it in by having some role plays and activities.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Student needs to be cooperative and determined.

Who is your target student?

  • Business People
  • Fresh graduates
  • Career switcher
  • Recruitment staff

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • learn the effective answers to any type of interviews
  • determine the reason why that question is being asked and how to come up with an answer
  • think reasonable and logical to respond quickly


  • Lesson 1-Understanding yourself and the Company

  • Lesson 2-Read Between the Lines

  • Lesson 3-Highlighting you're a Perfect Match

  • Lesson 4-Making a Good Impression

  • Lesson 5-Behavioral questions

  • Lesson 6-Curveball questions

  • Lesson 7-Questions About your Opinions

  • Lesson 8-Preventing Failure

  • Lesson 9-Mock interview

  • Lesson 10-Closing the interview


  • Chien Chien

    Teacher Jenna is very patient to me. Give more about practice idea for IELTS. The lesson is very helpful to me.

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Makayi Liu

    Great teacher ! The lesson I learned today was really helpful , thank you teacher Jenna see u next course ?

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Pick N

    It's my first time to learn English online. Jenna is an excellent and experienced teacher who encourages me more Conversation Practice.


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