NOAH :-) "TEFLNoah"
NOAH :-) "TEFLNoah"

NOAH :-) "TEFLNoah"

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NOAH :-) "TEFLNoah"
NOAH :-) "TEFLNoah"

NOAH :-) "TEFLNoah"

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    United States of America

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Language Level

Intermediate 2

What Will I Learn?

Students will be able to utilize and expand their overall conversational skills by introducing idioms into their speech.


Students will be able to utilize and expand their overall conversational skills by introducing idioms into their speech. The idioms covered in this course include Money & Finance, Time, Weather, Traveling, Personal Qualities, Sports, Knowledge, Age, Clothing & Dress, and Emotions. But just what is an idiom? Have you ever laughed your head off at something funny? The phrase “laughed your head off” is an idiom! We know that you did not literally laugh so hard that your head separated from your body. When you put words together to create a meaning that is different than the meaning of the individual words, we create what is called an idiom. These phrases come from spoken language and they are basically new vocabulary that we create by using old vocabulary because we are too lazy or unimaginative to think of new words.  Idioms are a lot of fun to learn, and they definitely make your language more colorful. Would you like to learn more?

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Students should be at an Intermediate or Advanced level.

Who is your target student?

  • Students who want to speak like native English speakers.
  • Students who want to understand the "strange phrases" native English speakers sometimes use.
  • Students who want to understand the "jokes" with their favorite TV shows.

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • Use idioms about the subjects of Money & Finance, Time, Weather, Traveling, Personal Qualities, and more in their everyday speech.


  • Lesson 1-Idioms describing money and finance

  • Lesson 2-Idioms that use expressions of time

  • Lesson 3-Idioms that use weather vocabulary

  • Lesson 4-Idioms describing travel

  • Lesson 5-Idioms describing personal characteristics

  • Lesson 6-Idioms that use sports vocabulary

  • Lesson 7-Idioms describing knowledge

  • Lesson 8-Idioms describing age

  • Lesson 9-Idioms describing clothing and dress

  • Lesson 10-Idioms describing emotions


  • Ya-Ting Fan

    I'm always looking forward to the class with Noah. You will be the same, thus just book one class right away.

  • anonymous

    Noah is very patient and friendly. He teaches very well. Great!

  • Victoria

    Noah is a very good and professional English teacher. He is friendly and passionate about teaching. It was a fun class.

  • Shawn Chen

    it was very nice and interesting Lesson~Thank You Mr.House.

  • Iverson

    Noah has a good teaching skill. I make many mistakes in the class and he assigns a homework to me according to my today's problems in the class. He helps me do more practices after the class.


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