Miriam (Meera)
Miriam (Meera)

Miriam (Meera)

  • English tutor、German tutor

  • SpeaksSerbian、Croatian、English、German

  • FromUnited States of America



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Miriam (Meera)
Miriam (Meera)

Miriam (Meera)

  • English tutor、German tutor

  • Speaks


  • From

    United States of America

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    Rigorous course planGood time managementCater to student’s needsCustomize materialProvide notes after classOptional homework


Language Level

Beginner 1

What Will I Learn?

They will be able to use the language more accurately and fluently and to talk about everyday matters, such as food, news, work, health, etc.


The course is for anyone who wants to improve their general language skills. Each of the lessons is meticulously planned and in every lesson students will be working on improving listening and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. What is important is that none of the skills are taught/learned in isolation, but in combination since all of the skills are inseparable in real language use. Every lesson is different. We usually start with acquiring new vocabulary through pictures and different exercises, then we move on to practicing pronunciation and differentiating similar sounds. Grammar is usually introduced through reading or listening exercises, where students have an opportunity to further revise and learn new vocabulary. Speaking is interwoven in all of these exercises, but we wrap up every lesson with a discussion and thought-provoking questions where we put everything we have learned into real use.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Students who have some knowledge of German should do a placement test
  • Materials are provided by instructor
  • German and English have a lot of similarities
  • Students who have some knowledge of English will easily learn German

Who is your target student?

  • Students of all levels and ages
  • Students who want to improve their speaking, listening, reading, writing skills
  • Students who want to improve and broaden their general knowledge
  • Professional, academic and business people

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • 1. Be able to utilize the new vocabulary
  • 2. Be able to clearly express their point of views
  • 3. Improve general language skills
  • 4. Have better understanding of grammar
  • 5. Improve their pronunciation


  • Lesson 1-Guten Tag! Mein Name ist...

  • Lesson 2-Familie und Freunde

  • Lesson 3-Essen und Trinken

  • Lesson 4-Meine Wohnng

  • Lesson 5-Mein Tag

  • Lesson 6-Lernen - Ein Leben lang

  • Lesson 7-Freizeit

  • Lesson 8-Beruf

  • Lesson 9-Arbeit

  • Lesson 10-Gesundheit


  • anonymous


  • Stanley Peng

    I can really understand more about German, cause Tr.Meera teach very well.

  • Stanley Peng

    Thank you Tr.Meera, I got more confidence in learning German.

  • Stanley Peng

    Okay, Thank you Tr.Meera.

  • anonymous

    Hi Mirjana, Thanks for your time and I really enjoyed the class we have today. The sentences we went thru today are simple but easy to forgot, I'm happy you reminded me those. Appreciate and looking ...

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