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Finn Jones

Finn Jones

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Finn Jones
Finn Jones

Finn Jones

  • English tutor

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    United Kingdom

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    Customize materialCater to student’s needsGood time managementProvide notes after classRigorous course planOptional homework


Language Level

Advanced 1

What Will I Learn?

Vocabulary review tasks | Dialogue | Comprehension questions | Discussion questions | Brainstorm discussion


Are you goo-goo for more idioms? Continue to follow these 5 additional conversations with Kate as she deals with the ups and downs of campus life during her first year of university. Experience an eventful life on campus while learning useful phrases and idioms such as bake off, boonies, slack off, say it like it is etc. Each lesson in this conversation course introduces new idioms in a short dialogue between Kate and another member of the cast. Vocabulary development tasks, discussion tasks, and brainstorm activities offer plenty of opportunities to practise the new vocabulary. We may cover 2 lessons in an hour.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • All materials are provided by instructor. Students have the option of preview upon request.

Who is your target student?

  • Teen and adult learners who are interested in improving conversational skills, popular idioms and slangs.

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • Be able to utilise the new vocabulary
  • Be able to express point of views fluently
  • Improve general language skills
  • Have better understanding of grammar and western culture


  • Lesson 1-Small Town Charm

  • Lesson 2-Home for the Holidays

  • Lesson 3-Cramming for Exams

  • Lesson 4-Trouble in Paradise

  • Lesson 5-Just Squeaking By


  • 余玫綺


  • Vincent Hsu

    It was great to have class with Finn. She has wonderful teaching skills, and is fully-prepared for each class. The materials are all well designed and organized, covering a great variety of topics. S...

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  • se77324

    Thank you , Finn, I had a good time at your class! Could you please send the material to me? Thanks!

  • Ivy


  • Nasica

    Thank you for your teaching. I learn some new words. My email is


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