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Language Level

Beginner 1

What Will I Learn?

Kids will be familiar with new vocabulary and will be better in spelling. Children will respond properly through the help of conversation exercises.


Teaching kids couldn't be any better without the help of this books. This book was created with illustrations to keep the children's attention while learning the foundation of English. These books maximize student's talk time through dialogues and communicative games. Kids are visual learners and this book will keep the student's attention. In this course, we will use a material which is student-friendly. As you can see, there are units 1-8. It indicates that this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. The course is divided into 4 levels. Beginners need to start from first lesson because that's the easiest. All levels are easy because this book is tailored to children's level of understanding. The student's progress is noticeable after finishing each unit. That's why, it's really necessary for students to finish this course. Otherwise, the kid's will not be able to develop their logical thinking. This course includes basic grammar lessons that will help children to be more confident in speaking. Kids would not even have a hard time learning grammar because they are practicing the dialogues and making their own statements and questions. It's like they are playing, no pressure.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Early Childhood Educations is for pre-school and primary students.
  • Students need to be cooperative and listen attentively to teacher.

Who is your target student?

  • Kids (ages 4-6)
  • Primary School Students (ages 7-12)

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • learn sight words naturally and effortlessly.
  • develop not only communications skills but also interpersonal skills
  • write and spell words effectively
  • comprehend through listening attentively to the stories


  • Lesson 1-Doing Things and After School

  • Lesson 2-Unit 1 - At School

  • Lesson 3-Unit 2 - Places

  • Lesson 4-Unit 3 - My Home

  • Lesson 5-Unit 4 - Clothing

  • Lesson 6-Unit 5 - Transportation

  • Lesson 7-Unit 6 - Sports

  • Lesson 8-Unit 1 - Birthdays

  • Lesson 9-Unit 2 - The Great Outdoors

  • Lesson 10-Unit 3 - Hopes and Dreams

  • Lesson 11-Unit 4 - School Subjects

  • Lesson 12-Unit 5 - Weather

  • Lesson 13-Unit 6 - People

  • Lesson 14-Unit 7 - Future Plans

  • Lesson 15-Unit 8 - Work and Play

  • Lesson 16-Unit 1 - Food

  • Lesson 17-Unit 2 - At the Zoo

  • Lesson 18-Unit 4 - Activities

  • Lesson 19-Unit 5 - The Future

  • Lesson 20-Unit 6 - Seasons

  • Lesson 21-Unit 7 - The Five Senses

  • Lesson 22-Unit 8 - New Experiences

  • Lesson 23-Unit 1 - School Days

  • Lesson 24-Unit 2 - Weekend Fun

  • Lesson 25-Unit 3 - Going Shopping

  • Lesson 26-Unit 4 - Around Town

  • Lesson 27-Unit 5 - Explore the World

  • Lesson 28-Unit 6 - Doing Things

  • Lesson 29-Unit 7 - Personality

  • Lesson 30-Unit 8 - In the Future


  • Chien Chien

    Teacher Jenna is very patient to me. Give more about practice idea for IELTS. The lesson is very helpful to me.

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Makayi Liu

    Great teacher ! The lesson I learned today was really helpful , thank you teacher Jenna see u next course ?

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Pick N

    It's my first time to learn English online. Jenna is an excellent and experienced teacher who encourages me more Conversation Practice.


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