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Teacher Jenna

Teacher Jenna

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Teacher Jenna
Teacher Jenna

Teacher Jenna

  • English tutor

  • Speaks

    Japanese、Philippine Sign Language、English

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Language Level

Beginner 1

What Will I Learn?

After acquiring the knowledge and best practices in this course, student will be creative in writing e-mails to business partners.


This course tackles the dos and don'ts in writing e-mail. In this course, I will provide you tips on what format to use to make your e-mail appealing to your readers. You will come up with your own format using the key points you learned. This course is highly recommended for anyone who is having a hard time making creative e-mail and who have struggles in grammar. This course is highly-motivational because it is student-centered. First, you will be informed of what to write on each e-mail query. You will read sample e-mails based on common work scenarios. Lastly, you will apply it in your own work experience.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Student needs to have at least basic knowledge in English grammar.
  • Whatever level you belong to, you can just listen attentively and always take note of important details.

Who is your target student?

  • Business people
  • Students with business-related majors
  • Aspiring Business English teachers
  • Administrative Staff / Executive Assistant

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • respond properly on e-mail queries
  • understand the basic vocabulary needed in writing e-mail
  • learn the correct e-mail format
  • compose your e-mail responses precisely


  • Lesson 1-5 Guidelines of Business E-mail Writing

  • Lesson 2-Connecting with the Reader

  • Lesson 3-Writing a Good Opening and Subject Line

  • Lesson 4-Stating your Purpose for Writing

  • Lesson 5-Going into Details and Instructions

  • Lesson 6-Sending your Message and Confirmation

  • Lesson 7-Asking for Feedback and Giving Updates

  • Lesson 8-Writing Complex Messages

  • Lesson 9-Closing an E-mail


  • Chien Chien

    Teacher Jenna is very patient to me. Give more about practice idea for IELTS. The lesson is very helpful to me.

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Makayi Liu

    Great teacher ! The lesson I learned today was really helpful , thank you teacher Jenna see u next course ?

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Pick N

    It's my first time to learn English online. Jenna is an excellent and experienced teacher who encourages me more Conversation Practice.


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