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Finn Jones
Finn Jones

Finn Jones

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Intermediate 2

What Will I Learn?

Detective Bossley is back with a new case that takes place in a high school. A prankster is pulling the school's fire alarm, causing a daily headache for students and staff..


Detective Bossley is back with a new case that takes place in a high school. A prankster is pulling the school's fire alarm, causing a daily headache for students and staff. Who is behind this annoying prank, and what is the motive? This English mystery course features 12 lesson plans s full of idioms and characters that you will get to know as you try to figure out who is behind the crime. Each episode features a recorded dialogue between Detective Bossley and a student, staff member, or other suspect. Lessons include vocabulary development tasks, recorded dialogues and scripts, role-plays, comprehension and discussion questions, and handy grammar tips. You will make predictions throughout the course and help solve the case. This series can be used with or without the audio. Optional quizzes are available after every few lessons. Reading: Each episode includes a recap of the previous episode as well as one dialogue between the detective and a suspect. Detective Tips and other info boxes offer additional reading opportunities. Listening: Each episode includes one MP3 file featuring the interview between the detective and one of the suspects. Learners can utilise it by completing a gap-fill exercise during class or at home. Learning New Vocabulary: Each episode introduces about ten new words or phrases. Most of the highlighted vocabulary is idiomatic words and expressions used in everyday conversation. These words and phrases are tested and reviewed throughout the series. Predicting: Throughout the series, learners will be encouraged to make various predictions about the characters and plot, including guessing who stole the ring and thinking about character motives. Discussion: In each lesson, learners will be invited to discuss their thoughts about the story and the characters. There will be opportunities to do this in writing as well as orally.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • All materials are provided by instructor. Students have the option of preview upon request.

Who is your target student?

  • English language learners of high-intermediate to advanced levels.

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • Be able to utilise the new vocabulary
  • Be able to express point of views fluently
  • Improve general language skills
  • Have better understanding of grammar and western culture


  • Lesson 1-A Recipe for Disaster. Grammar: principal vs. principle

  • Lesson 2-Leave It to Me. Grammar: everyday VS every day/ superlatives

  • Lesson 3-Crunch Time. Grammar: used to

  • Lesson 4-No Laughing Matter. Grammar: compliment VS complement

  • Lesson 5-Double or Nothing. Grammar: lose VS loose

  • Lesson 6-Back in the Day. Here We Go Again

  • Lesson 7-Cut to the Chase. Grammar: indefinite pronouns

  • Lesson 8-Think Outside the Box. Seeing Eye to Eye

  • Lesson 9-A Hidden Agenda. Grammar: waste/spend time + gerund/ specially VS especially

  • Lesson 10-Playing It Safe. Grammar: your VS you're


  • 余玫綺


  • Vincent Hsu

    It was great to have class with Finn. She has wonderful teaching skills, and is fully-prepared for each class. The materials are all well designed and organized, covering a great variety of topics. S...

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  • se77324

    Thank you , Finn, I had a good time at your class! Could you please send the material to me? Thanks!

  • Ivy


  • Nasica

    Thank you for your teaching. I learn some new words. My email is


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