Teacher Jenna
Teacher Jenna

Teacher Jenna

  • English tutor

  • SpeaksJapanese、Philippine Sign Language、English

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Teacher Jenna
Teacher Jenna

Teacher Jenna

  • English tutor

  • Speaks

    Japanese、Philippine Sign Language、English

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Language Level

Beginner 1

What Will I Learn?

After this course, the student will be more confident in talking. Student will be initiative to start a conversation and be more friendly at work.


Business English is the language being used in business world, international trades, and finance. But it's easy because I have materials to help you understand each lesson. These materials are interactive and fun. I will teach you what you need to say to every situation you face at work. Of course, I will encourage you to apply the best practices after each lesson. So what are you waiting for? I provide FREE audio materials after the lesson when you book this class with me. At the end of each lesson, you will gain confidence in today's fast-paced business world. A student will develop interpersonal skills at work.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Business English is the medium of communication in the office. This is what you need when you're dealing with clients or during team meetings.
  • Business English is the language being used in business world. However, it's not as difficult as you think. It depends on the teacher and I am proud to be called as Business English Expert.

Who is your target student?

  • This lesson is helpful for business people who is aiming for career advancement or be promoted.
  • This is also helpful to student whose major is related to business.
  • This is also helpful to aspiring teachers who want to teach Business English.

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • enhance your vocabulary related to job, company and the industry you work in.
  • talk efficiently and appropriately especially when you're dealing with your business partners.
  • learn the DO's and DONT's when dealing with business people and your customers


  • Lesson 1-How to Start and Keep the Conversation Going

  • Lesson 2-Making a Connection

  • Lesson 3-Introducing your Company

  • Lesson 4-Explaining Numbers

  • Lesson 5-Talking to your Colleague

  • Lesson 6-Business Meeting

  • Lesson 7-Listening Skills

  • Lesson 8-Agreement

  • Lesson 9-Suggestion

  • Lesson 10-E-mail Writing

  • Lesson 11-Business Trip

  • Lesson 12-Business Presentation

  • Lesson 13-Negotiation Terms

  • Lesson 14-Raising a Concern

  • Lesson 15-Acknowledging Questions

  • Lesson 16-After-sales Service


  • Chien Chien

    Teacher Jenna is very patient to me. Give more about practice idea for IELTS. The lesson is very helpful to me.

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Makayi Liu

    Great teacher ! The lesson I learned today was really helpful , thank you teacher Jenna see u next course ?

  • Chris Hsieh


  • Pick N

    It's my first time to learn English online. Jenna is an excellent and experienced teacher who encourages me more Conversation Practice.


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