Zlatko Zlatev
Zlatko Zlatev

Zlatko Zlatev

  • English tutor、French tutor

  • SpeaksBulgarian、English、French

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Zlatko Zlatev
Zlatko Zlatev

Zlatko Zlatev

  • English tutor、French tutor

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Intermediate 1

What Will I Learn?

This is a brilliant opportunity for you to brush up your English. You'll be able to make longer and better conversations in English.


你有時會覺得很難在說英語的人面前表達自己嗎?如果是這樣,你一定會需要這樣的課程。我會幫助你恢復自信,變得更流暢。在課程中,我們將重點關注角色扮演活動。 Do you sometimes find it difficult to express yourself in front of English-speaking people? If so, you'll definitely need such a course. I'll help you regain your confidence and become more fluent. During the course we' ll focus on role-playing activities. You'll be able to make longer and better conversations in English.

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What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • 所有培訓材料均由導師提供。 他們將被要求送到學生。All training materials are provided by tutor. They will be sent to students upon request.

Who is your target student?

  • Polish up your English

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • cope with the most common real-life situations by using a variety of tenses and a good vocabulary


  • Lesson 1-Family & friends, Verb collocations (friendship), Making contacts, Brief regular and irregular past simple verbs revision

  • Lesson 2-School days, Irish schools, Brief revision of Used to and Past continuous, School facilities

  • Lesson 3-Flatmates, Some, many and most, Quantifiers, Directions

  • Lesson 4-Online dating, At the movies, Relationship verbs, Present Simple, frequency adverbs and phrases

  • Lesson 5-Tourist trail, Future 1 (future plans), Future 2 (will), Compound words, Requests


  • Ting-Ann Lin

    He is very friendly. He gives me many chances to speak English. I have a good time with him.

  • Angela

    Zlatko is a friendly teacher. He asked me about my French level in advance so he can prepare his lesson for me. He didn't know how to operate the tool "Zoom" so well so he didn't use the chatting (wri...

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