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Learning a language should be easy. Practice with professional teachers through 1 on 1 video lessons.

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About AmazingTalker

Learning with one-on-one attention and guidance

We believe that one-on-one learning with native speakers gives students a more personalized learning experience and helps them get the most out of their lessons.

Learning that caters to your needs

Choose classes that fit your individual schedule, budget, and interests. Take a course for beginning, intermediate or advanced learners, or one focused on a specific goal like pronunciation or test prep. Or speak to one of our tutors to customize a course for your interests.<br>

An immersive language learning environment

Learn both the grammar basics and subtleties of a language, so you can communicate more confidently and more like a native speaker. <br>

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3 steps to start learning

Step 1, Claim credits
Register your information to claim your credits. The credits can be used to buy multiple trial lessons.
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Step 2, Find a teacher
Look through different teachers’ profiles, and book trial lessons to find a teacher that matches your interests.
Step3, Book a lesson.
Access through your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet making your learning experience accessible at all times.