The Bucket List

The Bucket List

The Bucket List is defined as a list of things to do before you die. Actually, after reading the article that Maria provided, I really appreciated that I did something now in my bucket list.

With the Bucket List, we can focus on ourselves more, have sense of accomplishment, push the boundaries our comfort zone and create legacy.

It makes me think of the speech I heard. After you die, people will share your whole life for 3 minutes only in your funeral. What do you want people talk about your life?

I always consider why did I attend TYCIA, an organization helps young people find their career goal. Maybe...
I find myself
I find what I want to learn
I find what I want to achieve
I find I can be myself in this organization
I find I can contribute what I have to young people

I appreciate and I love to do so.


其實在閱讀完 Maria給的這篇文章

擁有The Bucket List可以讓我們更專注在自己、可以有成就感、跳出舒適圈、創造流傳千古的影響力。

這讓我想到一場曾經聽過的演講。在我們死後, 人們在喪禮上只有三分鐘的時間可以闡述你一生,你希望人們如何評論你的一生?

常常在想我為何要加入TYCIA (一個協助青年找到職涯方向的組織) 也許在裡面


✨Inglés Americano ✨
US$16 / 50 min
✨Inglés Americano ✨
⭐️ Inglés Nativo ⭐️ Español Nativo ⭐️ 10+ años de experiencia ⭐️ Diploma de Inglés como Segundo Idioma ⭐️ Entrenadora de escritura e instancia oral ⭐️ Preparación para examen First Certificate ⭐️ Preparación para examen Proficiency ⭐️ Preparación para IELTS ⭐️ Preparación para TOEFL ⭐️ Cursos de niños a adultos
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