The Zoombies

Today was a sunny morning. I was sleeping on my bed comfortably. Suddenly, I heard a loud 'bang' sound. I woke up immediately and found that my house was very messy! I saw a shadow near the door and it was going to escape. I thought it was a burglar so I grabbed a baseball bat and followed him.

On the street, there weren't any people or cars. 'Why is it so silent here?' I wondered. Then, I saw my neighbor, Mrs Lee, next to the park. I came to her and asked her ,'What happened? Where is everybody?' Mrs Lee turned around her head. Her face was as pale as a white paper. Her teeth were so sharp and they were full of blood. Mrs Lee opened her mouth and wanted to bite me. I was very scared. I used the baseball bat to hit her at once, but she was still alive. I screamed ,'Help! There is a zombie here!' After that, all my neighbors came out from their houses and looked at me. They were zombies too! They started to chase me and wanted to bite me. I panicked and ran back home. I closed the doors and windows at once so that the zombies couldn't come in.

Then, I called the police immediately. I said to the police,' There are a lot of zombies on Sunshine Street. Please come and help me!' The police said,'Everywhere was full of zombies so we don't have enough police to save the citizens. You can go to the police station and there is a helicopter. The helicopter will take the survivors to another city an hour later.'

I need to get on the helicopter, otherwise I will be bitten by the zombies and become a zombie. 'There are many zombies outside my house. How can I escape from them?' I wondered. After that, I saw a bicycle in the backyard. 'Maybe I can ride the bicycle to get to the police station! But I am worried that the zombies will catch me when I reach the bicycle,' I thought. I thought about what things that zombies like in the movies. Suddenly, I had an idea. 'Maybe the zombies will be attracted by the sounds,' I thought happily. I turned on the radio and threw the radio to the zombies. The zombies surrounded the radio immediately. I was pleased.

All the zombies were attracted by the sounds of the radio. Nobody paid attention to me so I took my cat,Vivi, to the backyard and rode on a bicycle. I put Vivi in the bicycle basket and rode the bicycle as fast as I could. I was riding the bicycle so fast so Vivi was scared. It kept saying 'Meow'. 'Stop shouting!' I shouted. The zombies heard what Vivi and I said and started to chase us. I rode the bicycle faster and Vivi shouted louder. More and more zombies chased us! After a long time, I was very exhausted so I rode slower. The zombies were closer to us. I was very afraid. 'Will Vivi and I be bitten by the zombies? Will we die?'I thought. At that moment, I saw the police station was in front of me! I was very excited. I rode to the police station quickly. At last, Vivi and I took the helicopter to another country safely. We were delighted and we lived in that country happily ever after.


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Conversation,Academic writing
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