6 Best Russian Speaking Courses in 2019

Enhance your Russian speaking skills with the most personalised learning plan within 4 weeks.

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Do you feel the same when you try to speak in Russian?

In reality, there may be times that we need to speak Russian in different circumstances. Sometimes, we may feel lost in choosing the right words to express ourselves. Or we may feel timid to communicate in Russian. So, how can we speak Russian professionally and confidently?

Not Knowing How to Express Myself

Fail to express myself effectively with proper vocabulary and expressions

Fail to Switch Russian for Different Occasions

It's hard to switch the formality for daily conversation and business communication.

Poor Pronunciation & Lack of Fluency

Unable to speak Russian fluently and accurately like a native

Why is Russian speaking challenging?

We learn standard conversations from school, but no one teaches us about how to communicate effectively in different situations.

3 Smart Tips to Stay in Russian Speaking
One-on-One Interactive Professional Coaching
One-on-One Interactive Professional Coaching
Stop being timid of speaking Russian and be brave to say it loud! Private Russian speaking courses give you an opportunity to engage with the teachers. They will give you the best guidance in speaking Russian in the right tone, grammar and pronunciation.

Through actual interactive practices, you are not only strengthening your Russian speaking skills, but also you grammar, vocabularies and listening skills. These extensive benefits can hardly be achieved from textbooks. The tutors can give you a full package of support and resources to help you to communicate in Russian effectively and efficiently. Bringing you to the next level to your profession.
Talk to Native Russian People
Talk to Native Russian People
There are various occasions that may require us to communicate in Russian. To communicate effectively with correct tone and vocabularies, it is important for us to learn from people who speak Russian impeccably.

1-on-1 online Russian speaking classes can help us to learn Russian in a native way. Experienced teachers can help us to identify and correct every subtle grammatical or pronunciation mistakes. Both of our Russian speaking and listening ability will then grow gradually.
Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect
Many people feel insecure when they speak Russian because they are not sure about the grammar and pronunciation. This has blocked our way to master Russian speaking.

The ultimate goal of learning a language is to communicate. The initial idea of Russian speaking is not about the correctness, it is all about the effectiveness. Through frequent 1-on-1 professional Russian coaching, we can obtain useful feedback from tutors, so we can constantly improve the rhythm and fluency in speaking Russian. To achieve advanced level of Russian speaking, we can further learn different vocabularies and expressions to make our speech more professional.

Personalized Russian courses

Achieve your new breakthrough of learning Russian in 4 weeks!


Primary level

Study at least 30 minutes everyday

Low fluency

Not enough vocabulary

Do not know pronunciation


Stage 1
Learn grammar and basic sentence structures first
Stage 2
More practices and exercises. Try to speak more in English
Stage 3
Learn vocabulary . Accumulate words and use them in writing.
Live tutor rates and prices
Russian for Beginners、Russian for Children
Russian for Beginners

R****t purchased 20 lessons from Ana

2019/12/06$5.95 / Lesson
Conversational Russian、Russian for Children
Conversational Russian

E****g purchased 20 lessons from Dmitry

2019/09/30$8.50 / Lesson
Alyona Rogova
Conversational Russian、Russian for Interview Preparation
Conversational Russian

V****g purchased 20 lessons from Alyona Rogova

2019/09/23$8.50 / Lesson
Conversational Russian、Russian for Travel
Conversational Russian

李****蔚 purchased 20 lessons from Alex

2019/09/10$5.10 / Lesson
莉婭 (Leah)
Russian for Travel、Basic Russian
Basic Russian

m****l purchased 5 lessons from 莉婭 (Leah)

2019/08/07$23.75 / Lesson
Difference between AmazingTalker’s Russian courses and other Russian courses
Other Conversational Russian courses
AT Conversational Russian courses
Large class size
Large class size
1-to-1 private tutoring. More Effective!
1-to-1 private tutoring. More Effective!
Learning material fees
Need to purchase teaching materials. (around US$25/material)
Need to purchase teaching materials. (around US$25/material)
Tutors provide personalised teaching materials. Save More Money!
Tutors provide personalised teaching materials. Save More Money!
Courses schedule
Attend lessons in fixed schedule.
Attend lessons in fixed schedule.
Arrange your schedule in your connivence. More Flexibility!
Arrange your schedule in your connivence. More Flexibility!
Course rates
Around US$ 1000 - 4000. (Purchase the course as a whole)
Around US$ 1000 - 4000. (Purchase the course as a whole)
From US$10/lesson. Pay as many as you want!
From US$10/lesson. Pay as many as you want!
Start to prepare Conversational Russian now!
Choose your own teacher
Students can browse the teachers’ information on our teacher list, or fill in a requirement form to let us find the most suitable teacher for you.
Communicate before lesson
Teachers will connect with the students before the lesson start to understand students’ level and prepare for the class.
Choose your own timeslot
Students can book the lesson which fits their schedule. There is a 25-minutes trial lesson available for students before purchasing private lessons.
Purchase courses
If you like the ways of teaching of specific teacher, you can purchase 1/5/10/20 private lessons.
Start to learn
Kick start your preparation for Conversational Russian after purchasing the private lessons.