The 6 Best Japanese Courses in Taiwan for 2020 - Overview and Fee Structure

Learning Japanese can make you world much bigger and help you meet new people from different culture background. There are many online Japanese courses out there. How to choose the right courses?

AmazingTalker is an online Japanese learning platform offering a variety of Japanese courses. There are more than 176262 student learning records. You can find Japanese Speaking Course, Business Japanese Course, Japanese Grammar Course, Japanese Course for children, Japanese Course for adults, etc… There are lots of student reviews and Japanese course rates information.

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What are your learning goals of the course?

  • Japanese for Interview Preparation
  • Conversational Japanese
  • JLPT N1
  • Japanese for Travel
  • JLPT N5
  • Japanese for Test Preparation
  • Fundamental Japanese
  • Basic Japanese
  • JLPT N2

Entry Level Japanese Courses

Conversational Japanese

Break away from all the cramming programs! Our Japanese conversation course aims to make you comfortable whilst speaking to other Japanese native speakers.

Conversational Japanese tutors fee

Japanese for Travel

Our Japanese for travel course is designed to teach you the key vocabulary related to traveling in Japanese-speaking country. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have no problem to communicate with people with confidence during your travel!

Japanese for Travel tutors fee

Business Japanese

Our business Japanese course will teach you how to use hundreds of common Japanese words used in business settings. As well as how to speak Japanese confidently during meetings, phone calls, presentations, and other situations at work.

Business Japanese tutors fee

Basic Japanese

Our basic Japanese course (Level 1) gives you a lot of practice on the use of familiar everyday expressions. From this course, you will learn basic communication skills in Japanese speaking, writing, reading and, of course, your fluency and grammatical accuracy.

Basic Japanese tutors fee

Fundamental Japanese

Our elementary Japanese course (Level 3) is the next level up from the fundamental Japanese course. At the end of this course you will have a sound knowledge of Japanese with proficient skills in speaking, writing and reading.

Fundamental Japanese tutors fee

Japanese for Interview Preparation

Our Japanese course for interview preparation is specifically designed to give you a general breakdown on all the different sorts of interviews. After this course, you will gain proper knowledge on what the examiners and interviewers are looking for!

Japanese for Interview Preparation tutors fee
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Japanese Overview

Killer Feature 1

The Japanese course customized just for you!

At AmazingTalker, we know every student’s level and knowledge of Japanese is different, hence all our courses focus on the each student’s learning goals. Our Japanese teacher will discuss with the students on their needs, and customize a tailor-made program for each student. We aim to create a cozy environment for all our students to be learning in!

We now have 176262 testimonials

Killer Feature 2

East and Flexible Learning!

We understand that for you to get to your Japanese course could be hard at times. At AmazingTalker, students can learn from anywhere, anytime! We offer 1-on-1 private tutoring and small Japanese classes for up to 6 students. Don’t ever let time be your excuse again, start to learn Japanese at AmazingTalker today!

24/7 learning with tutors from 97+ countries

Killer Feature 3

Practice, Practice and Practice!

We believe the best way to learn Japanese is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use Japanese. At AmazingTalker, we offer you the opportunity where you get intensive practice in Japanese conversation, proper Japanese pronunciation, speaking and writing skills with our native Japanese speaking tutors!

Over thousands of classes taken each day

Killer Feature 4

Personal Progress Monitoring

We understand that a lot of students have trouble monitoring their own progress. At AmazingTalker, our qualified Japanese tutors will set learning goals and objectives for each student, paired with professional monitoring on the your progress to maximize learning all the time!

Average $6.99 - $24.99 / HR

Killer Feature 5

Instant Assistance from our Tutors!

We understand the frustration you experience when you are unable to seek immediate assistance when there’s a problem. At AmazingTalker, now you can get help and prompt assistance from our Japanese tutors through a simple live chat or with our messenger app.

On time assistance from 1484+ tutors

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AmazingTalker Online Japanese Teachers
  • 基礎しっかり、進歩はやい🌟

    るる先生は日本語能力はもちろん、文法の解説もできます。 💮ビジネス日本語が分からない💮正しく日本語を学びたい💮独学でつまづいた 人は、るる先生がお勧めなので、連絡してみてくださいね~ 💯「勉強方法は人それぞれです。勉強したくない人・メモが好きな人・楽しく学びたい人。どんな人にも合わせますので、どうぞ要望を私に教えてください」BYるる

  • ★Inspiring Learning

    Inspiration is the key word of my life, and also my teaching style. There are only fun and useful language learning and communication skills in my class.

  • 早稻田日語碩士/N1滿分/情境會話

    您好,我是中日雙母語的りつか老師,您是否有以下的困擾呢? 【一】聽說讀寫發展不均衡,對自己的口說與聽力沒有自信 【二】對日文文法感到困惑,經常會疑惑「A與B意思究竟有什麼不一樣」 【三】想快速考過檢定 【四】想學習如商業日語等專業知識 以上問題都可以交給我來幫您解決!日語專業的老師可以深入淺出地帶您了解日語的奧妙,快來和我一起學習日語的有趣之處吧!

  • From Tokyo/Lot of experience

    I am a native Japanese. I have been teaching for two years. I provide 1) Japanese conversation class 2) Japanese basic class 3) Business Japanese in an office. I have many resources and textbook. I really care about a student by one by. I will ask you your goal, your hobbies and your preference for study. Please feel free to ask anything!

  • 日文初級、日語會話、漫畫、卡通

    大家好,我是謝老師。我修完大學碩士課程後,直接在日本擔任高中生的教師。 @0基礎開始,讓您自然學會日文。 @情境式學習,讓您可以輕鬆學習文法與使用。 @從你/妳的喜歡的事物學習,讓您更快進入日文世界。 對日本美食、旅遊、漫畫有興趣的朋友可以來上上看我的課程喔!不限制在課本上,有許多課外讀物讓您上課不無聊!!


    I am a certificated Japanese language teacher, have experience on teaching Japanese language in UK , China and Taiwan for 2 years.

  • Rie

    Harvard style, 3 months !

    Hello, I'm Rie from Tokyo, I taught more than 3000 classes here. Class example here. My Japanese accent is Tokyo's one.  I studied IT including education on the internet in Japan and US. 

  • 生活日語*發音矯正*口條訓練

    我是うみ老師, 目前在日本人經營的語言學校工作,教導日本人中文,同時也是日文家教。 各位同學是不是學了很多年的日文仍然無法流利的跟日本人交談呢? 跟著老師學,從日本人的文化還有生活小常識一點一滴的認識了解,有助培養語感讓你可以更從容不迫地利用各種話題跟日本人聊天。 歡迎出國自助旅行前臨時抱佛腳,只上一兩堂課也是沒問題的! 考前臨時抱佛腳的,麻煩去拜祖先!!!

  • Why should you choose me?

    Why should you choose me? - I have studied abroad in Japan. - I learned Japanese in Tokyo so my Japanese is standard Japanese. - I learned from Japanese characters, so I understand the difficulties when you are studying Japanese. - I can share many things about Japan as I lived in Tokyo for 2 and a half years. - I have obtained a JLPT N1.

  • Let us study Japanese

    Hello, my name is xiao yang. I am f