The 6 Best French Courses in 2019 - Overview and Fee Structure

Learning French can make you world much bigger and help you meet new people from different culture background. There are many online French courses out there. How to choose the right courses?

AmazingTalker is an online French learning platform offering a variety of French courses. There are more than 147874 student learning records. You can find French Speaking Course, Business French Course, French Grammar Course, French Course for children, French Course for adults, etc… There are lots of student reviews and French course rates information.

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What are your learning goals of the course?

  • French for Kids
  • Business French
  • French for Test Preparation
  • French for Interview Preparation
  • French for Travel
  • French for Going Abroad
  • French for Academic
  • Conversational French
  • French as a Hobby

Entry Level French Courses

Conversational French

Break away from all the cramming programs! Our French conversation course aims to make you comfortable whilst speaking to other French native speakers.

Conversational French tutors fee

French for Travel

Our French for travel course is designed to teach you the key vocabulary related to traveling in French-speaking country. Once you’ve completed this course, you will have no problem to communicate with people with confidence during your travel!

French for Travel tutors fee

French for Children

Our French course for children aims teach your children to be fluent in French, and discover ways to teach your children French without them even realizing it.

French for Children tutors fee

French for Beginners

Our fundamental French course (Level 2) is the next level up from the basic French course. Students will be get intensive practice with native French speaking teacher with perfect accent.

French for Beginners tutors fee

Fundamental French

Our elementary French course (Level 3) is the next level up from the fundamental French course. At the end of this course you will have a sound knowledge of French with proficient skills in speaking, writing and reading.

Fundamental French tutors fee

Basic French

Our basic French course (Level 1) gives you a lot of practice on the use of familiar everyday expressions. From this course, you will learn basic communication skills in French speaking, writing, reading and, of course, your fluency and grammatical accuracy.

Basic French tutors fee
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French Overview

  • Killer Feature 1

    The French course customized just for you!

    At AmazingTalker, we know every student’s level and knowledge of French is different, hence all our courses focus on the each student’s learning goals. Our French teacher will discuss with the students on their needs, and customize a tailor-made program for each student. We aim to create a cozy environment for all our students to be learning in!

    We now have 147874 testimonials

  • Killer Feature 2

    East and Flexible Learning!

    We understand that for you to get to your French course could be hard at times. At AmazingTalker, students can learn from anywhere, anytime! We offer 1-on-1 private tutoring and small French classes for up to 6 students. Don’t ever let time be your excuse again, start to learn French at AmazingTalker today!

    24/7 learning with tutors from 96+ countries

  • Killer Feature 3

    Practice, Practice and Practice!

    We believe the best way to learn French is to immerse yourself in an environment where you can only use French. At AmazingTalker, we offer you the opportunity where you get intensive practice in French conversation, proper French pronunciation, speaking and writing skills with our native French speaking tutors!

    Over thousands of classes taken each day

  • Killer Feature 4

    Personal Progress Monitoring

    We understand that a lot of students have trouble monitoring their own progress. At AmazingTalker, our qualified French tutors will set learning goals and objectives for each student, paired with professional monitoring on the your progress to maximize learning all the time!

    Average $6.99 - $24.99 / HR

  • Killer Feature 5

    Instant Assistance from our Tutors!

    We understand the frustration you experience when you are unable to seek immediate assistance when there’s a problem. At AmazingTalker, now you can get help and prompt assistance from our French tutors through a simple live chat or with our messenger app.

    On time assistance from 1409+ tutors

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AmazingTalker Online French Teachers
  • English lessons
    4.97・64 Reviews

    I am a French, German and English speaker with 4 years teaching experience. I currently live in France.

    English lessons
    $29 / 50min
    4.97・64 Reviews
  • Eng + Fr Teacher (Chinese OK)
    5・375 Reviews

    6 years experiences as a French/English teacher. Famous on Amazing Talker for Travel English, General English and French for every levels 📢 NEW Group classes available Come and join ourt team ^^ Let's learn together

    Eng + Fr Teacher (Chinese OK)
    $21 / 50min
    5・375 Reviews
  • Let's speak english!
    4.94・18 Reviews

    Hello! My name is Reyna, i am french but I can speak English. I will be glad to help you improving your english skills

    Let's speak english!
    $22 / 50min
    4.94・18 Reviews
  • 6 years experience
    5・1 Reviews

    I'm a non Native English speaker with an American accent. I've served as a teacher for 6 years, handling different students at different age groups. I currently teach with Amazing talker. Contact me for your affordable and quality lessons.

    6 years experience
    $14 / 50min
    5・1 Reviews
  • Ching Ching

    Parler le chinois avec moi!
    4.99・267 Reviews

    Ching Ching, la professeur de français et de chinois, qui parle le chinois avec l'accent taïwanais. Je pourrai vous expliquer le chinois en français 😃

    Ching Ching

    Parler le chinois avec moi!
    $22 / 50min
    4.99・267 Reviews
  • French/English Teacher
    5・7 Reviews

    I will help you improve your French according to your level and your project.

    French/English Teacher
    $28 / 50min
    5・7 Reviews
  • Beginners & advanced French
    4.97・34 Reviews

    Hello ! I teach French for every level, from A1 to C1. ★ Basic, intermediate and advanced French ★ Improve your oral and writing skill ★ Starter pack for travellers (6 weeks)

    Beginners & advanced French
    $15 / 50min
    4.97・34 Reviews
  • Learn French at Home
    4.9・134 Reviews

    I am a professional full teacher since 2011 living in Thailand with extensive experience in teaching students of all ages and skill levels, both online and in person.

    Learn French at Home
    $20 / 50min
    4.9・134 Reviews
  • French Taiwanese in France
    4.93・30 Reviews

    -French & Taiwanese -2 years of teaching experience -Gave lesson to various students -Lived in Asia but was in a French school -Passionate about learning new languages -Key to learning is: practice, speak, and be brave -A teacher but also a friend

    French Taiwanese in France
    $19 / 50min
    4.93・30 Reviews
  • Spanish/ French Tutor

    Hello! I provide: 1) Spanish and French classes for beginners and intermediate students, 2) Understanding of the basic structure of these languages (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation), 3) Speaking practice according to the level.

    Spanish/ French Tutor
    $12 / 50min

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