How to Say Cheers in Spanish: Not Just Salud

cheers in spanish

Besides salud, there are many different ways to say “Cheers” in Spanish!

What’s better than saying cheers during a gathering or celebration? A toast is carried out in many different ways, in many different countries, Spanish-speaking countries are no different! The most common way to say “Cheers in Spanish, which is one of many Romance languages, is salud. There are a lot more ways to start the night with “Cheers!”

In this article, we will be listing ways to say “Cheers” in Spanish and show you how to use them!

How do you say Cheers in Spanish?

Drinking etiquette and saying “cheers” in Spanish are different than in other countries, such as cheers in German. Here are 8 ways to say “cheers” in Spanish!


English Translation: Health or To your health

Pronounced as sah-loo, it is used to honor someone and wish them good health during a Spanish toast. This phrase can be used in any type of situation where a toast is to be had.


English Translation: Please, please!

Pronounced as ch-ee-n-ch-ee-n. A cute phrase that sounds like to glasses clinking together. It is very informal; therefore, it is not recommended to be used during formal toasts, such as with your boss or coworkers, but instead with family or kids. It SHOULD NOT be used during a Mexican toast, as it sounds too similar to chingar, which is a very bad “no-no” word.

¡Por los aquí presentes!

English Translation: For those who are here!

Pronounced as pour L-ohs ah-key preh-zen-tehs. This form of “cheers” in Spanish is used to honor those who attended the celebration or gathering.

Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro

English Translation: Up, down, towards the center, and down the hatch.

Pronounced as ah-ree-bah ah-bah-go ah-l centro ya ah-den-troh. A humorous phrase used during gatherings with friends or family. It talks about the drink used during the toast.

Que vivas durante todos los días de tu vida

English Translation: May you continue to live all the days of your life

Pronounced as eh wee-vahs do-rohn-tay toh-dohs lohs dee-ahs deh two we-dahs. This toast honors someone and wishes them a long and happy life.

¡Estiro el brazo, doblo el codo, y me lo tomo todo!

English Translation: I reach out, bend my elbow, and drink it all!

Pronounced as es-tee-roh el brah-soh do-blow el coh-doh ya me low toh-mow toh-doh. Another humorous and informal “cheers” in Spanish means to drink after the toast.

Sant Hilari, Sant Hilari

English Translation: Saint Hilarious, Saint Hilarious

Pronounced as sahnt hee-lah-ree. A Catalan phrase. There is no direct English translation that makes sense. When someone says this during an informal gathering or party, people will down their party drinks! Use with caution.

¡Salud i força al canut!

English Translation: Health and strength to your cylinder

Pronounced as sah-loo ee four-sah ahl cah-noot and another Catalan phrase. Years ago, when there were no such things as “banks”, people used to carry their money in leather cylinders, or canuts. This toast means to wish people prosperity

cheers in spanish

Dos and Donts When Cheers in Spanish

cheers in spanish

Here are a few social rules to abide by during a Spanish toast, these could also be seen as superstitions, but still, it won’t hurt to abide by them!

  • Wait until the speech is done or after the speaker says salud before drinking.
  • Do not spill your drink. Spilling your drink is seen as bad luck.
  • Look at the person you are clinking your glass with in the eyes.
  • Do not toast with an empty glass.
  • Do not toast with water, either.

Music to groove to during Spanish toasts!

FAQs for Cheers in Spanish

What does Salud mean when doing Spanish cheers?

Salud means “Health” and when using this phrase during Spanish cheers, you toast to someone or people’s health— as in, you wish them good health.
Fun fact, saying “cheers” before drinking is thought to have begun in ancient Greece, as a way to honor the gods while drinking.

How do you respond to Salud?

After the person doing the toast ends the speech and says any of the phrases that mean “cheers” in Spanish, the crowd will usually say it back and start the drinking festivities. The crowd may also join in during long phrases of cheers, such as Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro.

Salud Salucita GIF by Quezalteca Oficial cheers in spanish

Learn to say “Cheers” in Spanish and cheer on to your Spanish Journey!

Begin your Spanish learning journey with a “Cheers!”, and afterward, maybe join in the holiday cheer by learning how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish? If you are struggling with the Spanish language, it’s best to get acquainted with the Spanish alphabet, to help you with Spanish words!

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