70 Names of Animals in Spanish: From Land to Sea

animals in spanish

Which one of the animals in Spanish, goes meow?

The English answer would be “cat”, in Spanish it’s Gata/o! Animals are everywhere, from the sky all the way to the land! Out of all the Spanish words out there, animals in Spanish is one of many topics that can come in handy while having a conversation in Spanish.

As mentioned, there are a lot of animals. In this article, we will present you with a list of animals with their Spanish translation!

animals in spanish

Gender – Noun Agreement

Of course, grammar is everywhere, from adjectives in Spanish to gender, you need to know these if you want to use these animal names in Spanish correctly! For now, let’s focus on gender.

Nouns (In this case, animal names) in Spanish have genders, and adjectives must be the same gender as the noun. Word gender does not necessarily equal to biological gender of the animal. Usually, masculine gender is used by default, and feminine is used with certain words.

  • Feminine nouns end with the suffix -a. For example, words like perra (dog) or lora (parrot). Sentence example: La gata es muy perezosa. (The cat is very lazy)
  • Masculine nouns in Spanish end with the suffix -o. For example, words like caballo (horse) and cerdo (pig). Sentence example: El zorro es muy rápido. (The fox is very fast).

Whereas some animals in Spanish will be either male or female, some will always remain one gender, such as hámster (hamster, masculine) and caballo (horse, masculine).

animals in spanish

Domestic Animals in Spanish

Now for the main event, the list! Let’s kick off with Spanish pet names or domesticated animals.

Name of Pets in Spanish

Pets in Spanish, the animals that live with you and that you probably see often. These are animals such as dogs, cats, or birds. You can legally buy or adopt these animals to live with you.

English Animal Name Animal Name (Singular) Animal Name (Plural) Young
Bird Pájaro Pájaro Polluelo
Hamster Hamster Hamsters Cría de hamster
Dog Perro Perros Cachorro
Cat Gato Gatos Gatito
Iguana Iguana Iguanas Cría de iguana
Hedgehog Erizo Erizos Cría de erizo
Mouse Ratón Ratones Cría de ratón
Salamander Salamandra Salamandras Renacuajo
Goldfish Pez dorado Peces dorados Alevín de pez dorado
Ferret Hurón Hurones Cría de hurón
Did you know? Goldfish were believed to bring good luck. As such, men would often gift one to their wives during the first anniversary!
animals in spanish

Name of Farm Animals in Spanish

Animals that would be usually seen on farms and used to sell some sort of produce, such as cows for milk or sheep for wool. The animals that you find in petting zoos usually.

English Animal Name Animal Name (Singular) Animal Name (Plural) Young
Chicken Gallina Gallinas Pollo (pollito)
Sheep Oveja Ovejas Cordero
Llama Llama Llamas Cría de llama
Cow Vaca Vacas Ternero
Donkey Burro Burro Mula
Horse Caballo Caballos Potrillo
Goat Cabra Cabras Chivo
Rabbit Conejo Conejos Gazapo
Goose Ganso Gansos Ansarino
Deer Venado Venados Cervato
Did you know? Goats can burp! This is due to their rumen, which breaks down plant material and some which results in gas production from fermentation.

Want a trick to learn the Spanish names of farm animals or learn hard words in Spanish in general? Learn the Spanish version of “Old McDonald had a farm”, fun and catchy!

Wild Animals in Spanish

The animals that remain untamed by humans. They are scattered everywhere! From the sea to the rainforest!

Sea Animals in Spanish

Let’s start with wild animals that you find in the sea.

English Animal Name Animal Name (Singular) Animal Name (Plural) Young
Octopus Pulpo Pulpos Cría de pulpo
Whale Ballena Ballenas Ballenato
Shark Tiburón Tiburones Cría de tiburón
Jellyfish Medusa Medusas Cría de medusa
Sea horse Caballito de mar Caballitos de mar Crías de caballito de mar
Penguin Pingüino Pingüinos Polluelo
Starfish Estrella de mar Estrellas de mar Cría de jibia
Dolphin Delfín Delfínes Delfinato
Shrimp Camarón Camarones Cría de camarón
Walrus Morsa Morsas Cachorro
Did you know? We sent a jellyfish to space in order to see how microgravity affects them.
animals in spanish

Desert Animals in Spanish

Wild animals that live in the hot and sandy desert! These are animals that can withstand hot days and cold nights of the desert. These are animals like cobras or camels.

English Animal Name Animal Name (Singular) Animal Name (Plural) Young
Eagle Águila Águilas Polluelo de avestruz
Ostrich Avestruz Avestruces Polluelo de avestruz
Tortoise Tortuga Tortugas Cría de tortuga
Cobra Cobra Cobras Cría de cobra
Vulture Buitre Buitres Polluelo de buitre
Scorpion Escorpión Escorpones Cría de escorpión
Jack Rabbit Liebre Liebres Lebrato
Bobcat Lince Linces Cachorro
Tarantula Tarántula Tarántulas Ninfa
Gerbil Jerbo Jerbos Cría de jerbo
Did you know? Even though ostriches can’t fly, they are the fastest bird on land.
animals in spanish

Rainforest Animals in Spanish

Wild animals that live in a wet area that is covered in trees! Think about the Amazon rainforest, which animals do you know that live there? These are tropical animals such as Macaws or frogs. There are a lot of animals, and many different English words to describe nature and their habitats, the key is to learn one topic at a time at your own pace.

English Animal Name Animal Name (Singular) Animal Name (Plural) Young
Toucan Tucán Tucanes Polluelo
Anaconda Anaconda Anacondas Cría de anaconda
Sloth Perezoso Perezosos Cría de perezoso
Macaw Guacamaya Guacamayas Polluelo
Poison dart frog Rana punta de flecha Ranas punta de flecha Renacuajo
Cockatoo Cacatúa Cacatúas Polluelo de cacatúa
Capybara Carpincho Carpinchos Cría de carpincho
Chimpanzee Chimpancé Chimpancés Cría de chimpancé
Tapir Tapir Tapires Cría de tapir
Lemur Lemur Lémures Cría de lemur
Did you know? Capybaras can sleep in the water while their noses stick out of the river bank.

Forest Animals in Spanish

Wild animals that you find amongst many trees and undergrowth! Less wet than the rainforest. You can find a mixed bag of animals here, such as big animals like Elephants or tiny ones such as bats!

English Animal Name Animal Name (Singular) Animal Name (Plural) Young
Panda Oso panda Osos panda Osenzo
Hippo Hipopótamo Hipopótamos Cría de hipopótamo
Giraffe Jirafa Jirafas Ternero
Jaguar Jaguar Jaguares Cachorro
Wolf Lobo Lobos Lobezno
Bat Murciélago Murciélagos Cría de murciélago
Warthog Jabalí verrugoso Jabalí verrugosos Jabato verrugoso
Kiwi Kiwi Kiwis Polluelo de kiwi
Porcupine Puercoespín Puercoespínes Cría de puercoespín
Elephant Elefante Elefantes Cría de elefante
Did you know? Young giraffes like to hang out in groups with other young giraffes until they are about 5 months old.
animals in spanish

Insects in Spanish

All things that are creepy and crawly! You have to admit, the color range of the bugs is impressive. Try to pair the names with their respective color in Spanish!

English Animal Name Animal Name (Singular) Animal Name (Plural) Young
Cricket Grillo Grillos Larva de grillo
Snail Caracol Caracoles Larva de caracol
Bee Abejas Abejas Larva de abeja
Worm Gusano Gusanos Larva de gusano
Flea Pulga Pulgas Larva de pulga
Mosquito Mosquito Mosquitos Larva de mosquito
Ladybug Mariquita Mariquitas Larva de mariquita
Firefly Luciérnaga Luciérnagas Larva de luciérnaga
Cockroach Cucaracha Cucarachas Larva de cucaracha
Cicada Cigarra Cigarras Larva de cigarra
Did you know? Ladybugs aren’t bugs at all, they are actually beetles!
animals in spanish

It’s funny how there aren’t many names of animals that start with a or names of animals that start with e! Anyways, videos for children are a good source to learn about a language. Here’s a cute video that shows wild animals in Spanish!

How many animals in Spanish can you recall after this article?

Learning the names of animals in Spanish is a great way to improve your Spanish conversational skills! There are a lot of names, but over time and with enough patience, you will be an expert in naming Spanish animal names!

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