What is the Best Way to Learn Italian Fast? 5 Key Methods

The best ways to learn Italian on your own is through online tutoring, language learning apps, watching Italian movies or TV shows and listening to Italian podcasts and songs! If you ever wondered how to make pasta from the scratch the real authentic Italian way, or simply wanted to impress the waiter at your favorite restaurant by ordering your dish in fluent Italian, this article has you covered. We have provided different resources to help you learn Italian faster, such as online tutoring platforms, apps, and entertaining media resources. No matter which tool you choose, the most important thing to master a language is to fully immerse into the culture, so going to Italy might also be a choice!

Throughout this article, we will walk you through some of the best ways to learn the language and introduce you to some dynamite learning platforms and techniques thanks to the internet learning a new language has never been easier. If you are still considering what languages you should learn, you can check out some of the easiest languages to learn! Today we not only have more traditional classes but also various more creative ways to learn such as Italian podcasts and interactive games. It’s important to remember that there isn’t one single method that works for everyone, so try a few methods and find what works best for you.

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Important tips before we start:

  1. Do not overwhelm yourself with grammar in the beginning
  2. Realize that your native language will affect how fast you learn Italian
  3. Try not to get frustrated
  4. Remember to practice often
  5. Have fun!

Here are the Best Ways to Learn with Recommendations

Method 1 : Online Tutoring


A great online resource, AmazingTalker brings together some of the world’s best online Italian teachers under one digital roof. With the platform users can find the perfect tutor to suit their budget and schedule, making it the perfect option for working professionals or busy parents.



Connecting lovers of languages from around the world, iTalki is an online platform that connects learners with teachers of Italian and various other languages through video. Not only does the platform offer lessons but users may also sign up to become tutors themselves.


Offering lessons to students around the world 24/7, users can sign up to the platform to find their perfect Italian teacher. The platform not only offers group lessons but also the possibility for users to set a list of parameters to have the ideal tutor find them for private lessons structured to accommodate their schedule.


Following a simple process, Verbling allows users to sign up for Italian lessons by finding the right tutor and lessons at the right price, with classes being conducted virtually via video making it ideally convenient for learners around the world.

Method 2 : Language Learning Apps


Created by an edTech company, the Duolingo app allows users to take their linguistic education with them no matter where they are in the world. All that is needed is a digital device such as a tablet or smartphone and access to convenient online lessons never stops. The app offers users various options, such as signing for more in-depth courses as well as the free option which offers short, daily lessons delivered right to your phone.


Although it is a German subscription-based learning service, the Babbel app offers learners a comprehensive way to learn Italian. For the most dedicated of students, the app will have you ordering your favorite meal in an Italian restaurant or your favorite flavor of gelato pronto! Choose from any learning speed that suits you and complete daily lessons to increase your Italian fluency.


This free app offers students the ability to learn 12 various languages. Their Italian course is well researched and put together and can be utilized anywhere in the world at any time. The easy and interactive interface as well as the challenging coursework make it a favorite amongst users and ensures that learners walk away feeling a real sense of accomplishment and being able to utilize their newly learnt linguistic skills.


With their aim being learning with ease, the courses from this online app are structured in a way that learning can take place in a stress-free, easy-to-remember manner. Lessons take a focus on integrating 3000 of the most current, up-to-date phrases used within the country as well as giving learners useful audio and video clips to help with pronunciation.

Method 3 : Media


A great learning tool, podcasts allow learners of the Italian language to learn the most current and up-to-date formal and casual words used in the language. Not only that but podcasts also allow a hands-free method of learning while teaching users current topics being discussed in the country. So the next time you take a trip to Italy you’ll be well aware of the most popular music, movies and political opinions.

Movies and TV shows

Great Italian Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2020 - Daily Italian Words
 Source: Daily Italian Words


One of the best ways to learn a foreign language, movies and TV shows provide a user a somewhat casual way of learning a new language. Italian movies and TV shows will soon have you emoting and thinking of life in a different way. Whether you pick a classic film or a modern TV series, you cannot go wrong with this learning method.

Radio & Songs

For some of us, learning languages phonetically is the best way to do it, our brains find it easier to memorize the sound of songs vs pages of text. In this way finding the learning method that works best for you is just as important as finding the right tool. Luckily so many online music streaming platforms will have playlists in various languages, making this an easy way to learn Italian


For interactive learners, this might be a better way of learning. The online world has blessed us with many Italian learning games and there are even various games where all it takes is a switch in the language settings and you’ll be on your way! Find a game you enjoy whether it’s specifically about language learning or not and learn on your own terms, the fun way.


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For those of us who learn through repetition, flashcards are an excellent method to learn Italian. Not only are flashcards portable but their effective use has been proven by students for decades. Users can choose cardstock or paper that they find most visually stimulating and create lists of phrases or words they’d like to practice remembering. This is also a great time to work on the pronunciation.

Learners may also rely on digital flashcards, for those in the working world this may be a more efficient option as they may find themselves pressed for time and unable to manufacture their own cards manually. It is important to remember to update the flashcards whenever one learns a new phrase, perhaps while watching a film, listening to a song or engaging in conversation for them to be most effective.

Method 4: Textbooks

Using textbooks is a very practical way of learning a new language. Below we recommend some textbooks suitable for beginners learning Italian! We also specify what each textbooks contain, and you can choose according to your needs.

1. Italian Made Simple  by Cristina Mazzoni

This is the most recommended textbook for any self-learner! This book makes learning Italian easy and contains chapters of * basics of grammar basic vocabulary, pronunciation guide, word puzzles and language games, common expressions, and also dictionaries for both Italian-English and English-Italian.

2. Practice Makes Perfect Italian Vocabulary  by Daniela Gobetti

This book focus especially on Italian vocabulary, so if you are aiming to improve your vocabulary while learning Italian, this is the right book for you. The book is divided into different themes, for example family or travel, so you could learn your vocabulary for different scenarios.

3. Living Language Italian  by Living Language

With 3 books, 9 audio CDs and a free online learning materials (including flashcards, games, and interactive quizzes), this book provides you the learning method that is proven by linguistic science.

4. Italian: A Self-Teaching Guide  by Edoardo A. Lèbano

If you are completely new to Italian, this book should be the first book you read. There are 15 simple lessons in this textbook which will teach you the basics when it comes to using Italian in your travels and daily life, including speaking, reading, writing, and understand the language in different scenarios like ordering at a restaurant or asking for directions while traveling.

5. Easy Italian Step-by-Step  by Paola Nanni-Tate

This book contains basic vocabulary and simple Italian grammar. Commonly used key terms and verbs are also listed in this textbook. It also includes exercises so readers could recap on what they’ve learned so far.

Method 5 : Go to Italy

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Probably the most enticing of all learning methods. Historically it has been noted that the best way to learn any language was to integrate yourself into its culture. If it is possible for you, the best way to learn Italian might just be to actually take a trip to Italy, see the sights, engage with the locals and eat your way through the country finding the best hidden cafes and culinary gems. Adventure provides many learning experiences and before you know it you’ll have picked up a phrase book of Italian words from your trip without even noticing, while all you did was have fun.

Reasons to Learn Italian

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in learning Italian. So much that according to researchers, Italian is the 4th most studied language. Besides being the language of history, art, food and culture, there are more reasons to learn Italian!

1. You Can Start Speaking Immediately

There are certain languages, like Chinese or Arabic, that take months of practice before you can carry out a complete conversation. Luckily, Italian isn’t one of those languages. As an English speaker, there are many words in the Italian language that you are already familiar with. Most of these common English words, come of Latin origin, which is closely associated with Italian. Some of the most common words that come from Italian are:

  • Bank: Banco
  • Volcano: Vulcano
  • Umbrella: Ombrella
  • Lottery: Lotteria

You may have some difficulty with certain words that involve rolling your “r”, but you won’t have a problem reading the words as there is a close relationship between spelling and pronunciation.

2. Increase Your Chances of Finding Friends or Amore

Italians, are undoubtedly, known for their friendliness, and charisma. Learning their language, will give you the ability to create better relationships with native speakers and expand your friendship circle. Italian is not only the official language of Italy, but also one of the official languages of Switzerland, Slovenia, and parts of Croatia. That’s a total of 63 million potential friendships! 63 million people, whom you could connect and converse with. Who knows, one of them might even be your Italian soulmate!

3. Understand the Culture on a Deeper Level

Learn Italian will allow you to communicate with the locals and fully immerse yourself in the place you know and love! Being able to travel around Italy, and speak the native language, will make your holiday far more interesting. It can allow you to speak to the locals and discover their “hidden gems”, that are off the usual touristic routes.

4. Really Experience the Movies & Music

Imagine watching “La Dolce Vita” in actual Italian! Learning Italian will allow you to watch classic movies like “La Vita è Bella” or “Vacant Romane” and truly appreciate the film in its essence. Additionally, speaking Italian will enable you to better value and cherish classical music.

5. Know What You’re Eating!

Imagine being able to order your farfalle (the ribbon-shaped pasta) in actual Italian. Learning Italian, will not only teach you so many new words, but also so many new food-related vocabulary. This means you’ll be able to try and order new dishes, rather than your classic spaghetti or pizza!

How Long it Takes to Learn Italian

Like any new language, there is no exact learning period. Learning a language is a complex process, that is different for each person. However, according to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Italian is one of the easier languages to learn. It is categorized as a “Level One” language, meaning you would need to spend around 600 hours in a classroom to reach basic fluency. If you are motivated to learn Italian quickly, it would be best to spend around 10 hours a week studying and practicing to learn Italian to an advanced level. 

The Italian learning process can be achieved in six different levels:

Level Duration
Beginner 80 – 120 hours
Elementary 160 – 240 hours
Intermediate 240 – 360 hours
Upper – Intermediate  320 to 480 hours
Advanced 400 to 600 hours
Proficient – Native 480 – 720 hours


Living the Italian way: la bella vita

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Learning and understanding any new language simply requires courage and determination, anything new will seem daunting and difficult at first. Learning Italian, one of the world’s most passionate and colorful languages can be such a rewarding experience and comes with the bonus points of being able to order your favorite gelato or Italian dessert fluently the next time you visit your local gelateria or café. Learning Italian is can be a fun, eye-opening experience, as one of the world’s most beautiful languages, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you aren’t limited to by the English language and you’ll be able to connect with some of the most diverse people you could meet. Don’t be afraid to learn a new language because we have provided the best language learning apps for you!

With all of the platforms and methods listed above learning Italian doesn’t have to be a long, arduous affair, convenience is at your fingertips and ready to be utilized whenever you are ready. However, not only can one learn Italian using these great tips and platforms, but Spanish too! For an in-depth look at the pros and cons of learning Italian vs Spanish visit the linked article and be sure to make use of some of the amazing services offered by Italian and Spanish-speaking tutors hosted through AmazingTalker that will have you saying ole! Or ciao in no time.

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