15 Ways to Wish Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in French

merry christmas in french

Wanna learn how to say Merry Christmas in French?

Ah Christmas, what a magical time of year. Full of joy, laughter, family— and presents! Similar to the English language being chock-full of cute Christmas sayings, the French language (one of many Romance Languages) has its own sayings and phrases that tie to Christmas! Learning a new language is no small feat, but if you start off with festival-related sayings and greetings, you will get the hang of it in no time!

The most common way to say “Merry Christmas” in French is Joyeux Noël, but in this article, we will be discussing even more ways to say “Merry Christmas!”

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in French

Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël

The most common way to say “Merry Christmas” in French. To those wondering, Joyeux or “Merry” means something “Joyful”, “Cheery” or “Lively”, the perfect description for Christmas!

All my best Christmas wishes! – Tous mes meilleurs vœux de Noël !

You wish only the best for someone this coming Christmas!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas – Je vous souhaite un très joyeux Noël

Your wish is that someone has a very lively and joyful Christmas day.

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Have a Merry Christmas with your family – Passez un Joyeux Noël en famille

Christmas days are usually spent with family (Or those you perceive as a family). This phrase means to tell someone to have a very joyful Christmas day with family.

For this Christmas, I wish you peace, love and lots of happiness – Pour ce Noël, je te souhaite paix, amour et plein de bonheur.

You hope someone will have love, peace, and happiness on Christmas day. Which is what Christmas is all about!

Merry Christmas in French
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Happy New Year – Bonne année

After Christmas is celebrated, the end of the old year and the dawn of the new year approaches! It’s quite common to say “Happy new year” during Christmas time.

Happy New Year, to your good health – Bonne année, bonne santé

A phrase that can be said during a toast! Similar to the previous one, except with the addition of wishing someone good health in the new year.

Happy New Year celebrations – Joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année

Joyeuses means “happy” or “joy” in French. You wish someone a great new years day!

Happy Holidays – Bonnes fêtes

Another common phrase. This means to hope for someone a happy holiday that spans Christmas and new year.

I wish you very happy holidays – Je vous souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes

A longer and more formal version of the previous phrase.

Merry Christmas in French
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I wish you an excellent holiday season – Je vous souhaite d’excellentes fêtes de fin d’année

Another similar one to the previous phrase. “Holidays” and “festive season” are the same thing and usually mean the holiday period between November and January.

Best Wishes for New Year – Meilleurs Souhaits pour Le Nouvel An

To wish that someone will thrive in the new upcoming year. A brand new start!

Best Wishes – Meilleurs vœux

Short and simple. To wish someone well.

Best wishes for the holidays – Meilleurs voeux pour les fêtes

The longer and formal version of the previous phrase, just specifies good wishes towards the holidays, whereas Meilleurs vœux is used more generally.

Best wishes for the New Year – Meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année

The exact same— just aimed toward the new year, specifically.


French Christmas Traditions

When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of a Christmas tree. The French, like most, partake in setting up a festively decorated tree. Instead of “Christmas tree”, it is called a pine or Le sapin de Noël which means the “pine of Christmas.” Usually, on the 24th of December, that’s when the star topper or la pointe de sapin goes onto the tree!

A rather cute tradition; French Children will actually leave their shoes near the fireplace, in hopes that Santa Claus/ Father Christmas would fill them with presents!

FAQs for Merry Christmas in French

How do you reply to Merry Christmas in French?

You could simply repeat the phrase back, or add “too” and “Thank you”, as in: Joyeux Noël à toi aussi (Merry Christmas to you too) or Merci, joyeux Noël! (Thank you, Merry Christmas!)

What is Christmas called in France?

If you have not noticed by now, the way to say “Christmas” in French is Noël (Always with a capital N), pronounced as noh-elle.

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Profitez des fêtes de fin d’année, à la Française ! (Enjoy the festive season, the French way!)

You now know how to say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy new year” in French! Why not indulge yourself in the French language even further with some French sayings!

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