The Best 25 Apps to Learn French Online

One of the best ways to learn French when you’re on the go, no matter where you are is through the use of an online, mobile app. Thanks to modern technology you no longer have to wait to find the perfect tutor or wait until you’re in a traditional, classroom-taught lesson. Now, the lesson is with you everywhere you go making it so easy to learn at the pace and in the way that best suits your style. When it comes to learning French, there are the best French learning French apps out there for you to find. Once you understand how you best learn and retain languages, you can find the French apps that best suits those needs. For those unsure of where to begin, we will cover a variety of the best app to learn French that should assist you in finding the perfect one to suit your needs. Before you know it you’ll be saying Vive la France! with the best apps to learn French.

Here are the Best French Language Apps:

1. Best for customized courses: AmazingTalker

Available On: Google Play, iStore

Key features:

  • Qualified tutors
  • Flexible learning at any time, anywhere
  • Flexible pricing

Prices for trial lessons range anywhere from $1 – $6 per lesson with full 50-minute lessons ranging from $5 – $36. With users being able to sign up either on the platform website or download the app from the two available stores, learning can take place anywhere. AmazingTalker offers learners the opportunity to connect with a variety of native French-speaking teachers who have been accredited and vetted in order to find the perfect tutor for their learning style. This is one of the best app to learn French throughout list list.

Flexible pricing options
Trial lessons
Native French-speaking tutors
Tailor-made learning programs

2. Best French App for Learning Vocabulary: Memrise

Available On: Play store, Istore

Key features:

  • Vocabulary and phrases for real life moments
  • Audio and video clips from native speakers
  • Feedback on points of improvement

When joining the Memrise app users will have the option of signing up for the subscription package of their choice, this includes prices of $8.49 per month, $29, 99 per year, or $119.99 for a lifetime subscription. The program boasts features such as offering learners a real-life-based learning program, meaning that words and phrases learned can immediately be put to use in conversation. Learners can also understand how to improve pronunciation through the use of audio clips.

Real-life phrases to help integrate into modern conversationThe program does not include grammatical lessons
Various languages to choose from
Users have the ability to repeat challenging words and phrases
Audio and video to learn pronunciation skills

3. Best for practicing listening: French Today

Available On: Play Store, Istore

Key features:

  • Learn traditional and modern French
  • Get an overall grasp of French grammar and vocabulary
  • Specifically designed for English-speaking learners

When signing up to download the learning novels users can expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $80. The program offers learners a complete guide to speaking both traditional and modern French regardless of their current speaking capability, whether beginner or advanced. The novels included offering a fun, colorful way of learning the language.

Learn both traditional and modern FrenchBooks can be expensive
Various learning levels are available
Audiobooks are available to help understand and improve pronunciation
Free lessons available

4. Best for practicing reading: LingQ

Available On: Play store

Key Features:

  • Choose from over 42 languages
  • Beginner and accelerated lessons are available
  • The app offers podcasts and books, making the process interesting

When it comes to LingQ users may choose to sign up for the subscription package of their choice with options ranging from 1- 24 months. Learners can choose to pay $12.99 for one month, or $11. 99 for six months, $8.99 for twelve months, or $7.99 for twenty-four months. The app offers users the ability to learn French in an immersive way, with the app offering various categories for learning such as politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more ensuring that users leave well versed in a variety of topics.

Various learning subjectsLessons can be time consuming
Learners have access to podcasts, books, interviews, and moreSubscriptions could be costly
The ability to track learning progress

5. Best for free reading resources: Manga Method

Available On: Website

Key Features:

  • Learning is fun, colorful, and interactive
  • An engaging way to learn
  • Custom language management module
  • Ability to add recordings in multiple languages

This creative app offers users a fully immersive and colorful of learning the French language through reading. Manga is not a new invention, however using it to learn French is a new technique, which throws out the traditional, sometimes boring methods of learning. Users can learn to read French through these manga, and cartoon creations as well as learn the pronunciations for as little as $2 per month.

Membership is free with optional packages starting at $2The platform is poorly developed and learners may have a hard time finding their way around it.
Users can manage their chaptersThe platform doesn’t have an app and can be hard to find
Users can translate the manga into various languages

6. Best App to Learn French Writing: iTalki

Available On: Play Store

Key Features:

  • Professional French teachers
  • Native French-speaking tutors
  • Users can learn French for business or personal reasons
  • Private, adaptable lessons based on the learners’ needs

This well-rounded platform offers users lessons from professional, accredited, and native French-speaking teachers. Lessons are tailor-made and created to fulfill the learners’ needs so whether they’re a beginner or more advanced the lessons are perfectly equipped to meet them where they are. Users can expect to pay anywhere from $4 – $30 per hour for lessons.

Tailor-made lesson plansThere is no app so users will have to log in to the website
Verified, French-speaking teachersLessons can be expensive
Lessons offer a thorough understanding of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and more!

7. Best for speaking practice: Speechling

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key features:

  • Lessons on pronunciation
  • Flashcards
  • Progress tests
  • Daily feedback from coaches

Crafting their own learning and teaching method, the creators of Speechling have decided to offer users the option to skip all the grammar and vocabulary lists in order to help them speed up the learning process, in order to sound like native speakers. Learners get the experience of listening to words and phrases being spoken by native teachers, then recording themselves speaking those words and receiving feedback for improvement within 24 hours. Access to the website comes in one of two price options, users can choose to access the free version or the unlimited version which comes with special access to one on one tutors for only $20 per month.

Faster learning methodLearners don’t have access to vocabulary and grammar rules or lists
Quick turnaround times for feedbackWithout the unlimited program users only have access to 35 courses per month
Professional coaching on pronunciation and intonation

8. Best for Immersion: Francais authentique

Available On: Website

Key Features:

  • For those who may not be able to speak French fluently but have some understanding
  • Weekly Youtube videos and podcasts recorded
  • Private social media groups for users to share feedback and tips on

Created by a native French speaker, Francais authentique was put together in order to help those who understand French but cannot speak it gain fluency. The courses offer over 70 modules and will take the most beginner speaker to the expert level. Users can learn in an immersive way through the use of videos and podcasts which offer better instructions for pronunciation and intonation. Learners can expect to pay anywhere from €49 – 199€ per course pack.

Users can swap tips via the platform Facebook and telegram groupsThose without a prior understanding of French may struggle
Audio and video lessons are availableCourse packs are expensive
Fun, mini quizzes

9. Best for Audio Lessons: Rocket French

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key Features:

  • Understand local French culture
  • Perfect pronunciation
  • Tailored courses

This app motivates learners to learn and understand French like the locals would, with pronunciation and intonation guides from native French speakers any user will be on their way to mastering the language in no time! With lessons available for speakers of all levels, users can sign up for packages from $99.95 per month for level one lessons, $249 for level one and two lessons, or $259 for levels one, two, and three combined.

Voice guidance to perfect pronunciationLessons are expensive
Various learning levels available
Free trial available

10. Best for Taking Quizzes: Glossika French

Available On: iStore

Key Features:

  • Audio by native French speakers provided
  • Understand grammar and vocabulary
  • Hands-free learning

Perfect for beginners or advanced learners, Glossika offers learners the chance to speak French like a local through its use of audio spoken by native French speakers. Users have the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the French language, including intonation and pronunciation. Learners can expect to pay $30 for the monthly package or $24.99 for the annual package. The platform also provides learners with the option to customize their experience completely, including the price paid for the package.

Speedy learning timePackages are expensive
Native speaking skills learned through audio recordingsThe app doesn’t work with a locked screen
Users can learn on the go no matter where they are with hands-free recordingsUsers may experience bugs in the app

11. Best for language exchange: HelloTalk

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key Features:

  • Learn French by practicing with other speakers
  • Learn via text, video, and audio
  • The app offers built-in learning aids

With its unique learning method, HelloTalk makes learning French fun and interactive. Users now get to learn by speaking to native French speakers from around the world, making the experience truly immersive. Not only this, but the platform also offers learners the ability to perfect their pronunciations through audio and video. With the app being free the learning can start right away.

Free appThe app can be buggy
Fun learning experienceUsers may have to combat many notifications
Ability to correct and perfect pronunciation in real time

12. Best Interactive app: Busuu

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key Features:

  • Learn French vocabulary and grammar
  • Audio, video and text learning methods
  • Fun games
  • Learn with native French speakers

Offering users a complete understanding of the French language, the Busuu app puts together a curriculum that will offer users a thorough look at French, whether they need it for business or simply as a second language. The creators have also taken it upon themselves to make the experience fun with learning games and quizzes that offer feedback from native French speakers. Users may opt to sign up for the free package, the premium, or the premium plus package with the last two coming in at $5.95 and $6.95 per month respectively.

Fun quizzes and gamesPoor in-app audio quality
Feedback from French speakers
Comprehensive vocabulary and grammar lessons
Communicate with a community of friendly French speakers

13. Best For conversation practice: Babbel

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key Features:

  • Courses for all levels of speakers
  • Short, effective lessons
  • Comprehensive writing and speaking lessons
  • Learn when you’re offline

Pioneering the field of language learning, Babbel offers users the ability to learn French in an in-depth way through the use of quick lessons and tailored plans that will have any learner speaking French like a native in no time. These lessons offer grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary help to all learners. The app offers users the choice to sign up for various packages ranging from $13. 95$6.95 per month.

Tailored lesson plansSome users can find the app boring
Lessons for all speaking proficiencies
Short, lessons to retain attention

14. Best Game-based app: Duolingo

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key Features:

  • Fun, interactive
  • Users can track progress
  • Great for all learning levels
  • Personalized practice plans

Known worldwide, this learning giant has become a language platform of note through its use of fun, colorful lessons. The app also utilizes a fun competitive feature with learners being able to track and view their lesson scores compared to other learners around the world. The app also users great motivation to keep going through its medals, bonuses, and achievement points. With the app being free there’s no reason not to sign up.

Colorful, bright, and funSome users may feel that lessons are not comprehensive
Competitive to keep it interestingHearts run out quickly meaning that learners cannot progress to the next lesson
Short lessons

Best for Q & A: Hi Native

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key Features:

  • Pronunciation guides
  • Visual guides for writing
  • Ask native French-speaking users questions and receive quick answers

Sometimes you have a specific question you need answered when learning a language, now if you haven’t signed up for a private tutor getting your answer might mean searching the web for ages, Hi Native has done away with that nonsense. Now you can simply log in and speak to a native French speaker to have all your questions answered or access their visual and audio guides to help you on your journey, for free!

The app is freeSome features are hidden behind a paywall
Questions answered speedily
Pronunciation and writing visual guides

16. Best French Radio app: Radio France

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key Features:

  • Learn to perfect pronunciation
  • Learn about a variety of topics from politics to fashion or current affairs
  • Fun, entertaining way to learn

Learning through listening has long been regarded as one of the best ways to learn by many. Radio France offers users the opportunity to brush up on their French skills by listening to daily discussions about a wide variety of topics all from native French speakers. This process ensures that learning is fun and engaging too. Users can download the app at no charge.

The ability to learn from native French speakersUsers may have to deal with in-app ads
Fun, entertaining way to learn

17. Best Dictionary App: Linguee

Available On: Play Store, iStore

Key features:

  • Offline and online dictionary app
  • Users can search words and are provided with example sentences

As stated the Linguee dictionary app allows learners to search and translate any French words or phrases into their native language for free. Users can log in and search for translations whether online or offline making it an invaluable resource.

Free app download
Example sentences provided for searched words and phrases

18. Best for learning vocabulary in context: Lingvist

Available On: istore, Play Store

Key features:

  • Learn vocabulary and grammar
  • Learn to read, write and speak French
  • Scientifically proven methods to help with memory retention when learning

Built by scientists, this app uses some of the smartest, scientifically proven memory retention methods to help learners not only understand but also remember their French lessons for a lifetime. Not only does it help with memory but the app also helps users accelerate their learning speed tenfold. The app helps users learn vocabulary and grammar in order to help them speak like a native in no time. Although it is free to download the app, users will have to sign up for packages ranging from $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

Proven learning retention methodsIn-app purchases
Tailored lesson plans
Quick learning times

19. Best Free vocabulary learning app: Clozemaster

Available On: istore, Play Store

Key features:

  • A fun way to learn
  • Improve and build on vocabulary with the Cloze games

Deciding to do away with the stale flashcards and word decks, the creators of Cloze have decided to create a fun learning game to bring the learning experience to life. The program uses passive recall training to help learners remember words and phrases when running them through the Cloze test game. The app is free to download however users may be subject to in-app purchases.

A fun way to learn
Competing with other learners
Improving pronunciation skills by using Cloze radio

20. Best for cultural immersion: MosaLingua

Available On: iStore

Key Features:

  • Cognitive science-based learning methods
  • Real-life words and phrases learned
  • Immersive way of learning

The program offers users an immersive way to learn the French language, without wasting time on needless aspects, Mosalingua uses its scientifically proven learning method to help users understand and retain vocabulary and grammar lessons. Users can sign up for lessons for all proficiencies from beginner to advanced with prices starting at $9.49 per month and ranging to $130 per month.

Immersive lessonscourse packages can be expensive
Tailored coursesIn-app purchases
Comprehensive courses

21. Best for Beginners: Mondly


Available On: iStore, Play Store

Key Features:

  • Audio lessons to improve pronunciation
  • Learn from conversation spoken by French natives
  • Phrases for real-life situations

Mondly provides learners with a well-rounded way to learn French. The Mondly way tackles everything from vocabulary and grammar to spoken French through their use of recorded audio conversation. This method helps learners learn faster but also allows the ability to use what they’ve learned in everyday conversations. Users can sign up for the one-month plan at $12.37 or the annual plan at $44.47.

Apply lessons to real-life situationsIn-app purchases
Fun learning method with the use of real conversations
Engaging competitive aspect

22. Best for Kids: Gus on the Go

Available On: iStore, Play Store

Key Features:

  • Colorful, bright, and entertaining
  • Engaging for child minds
  • A fun, interactive way for kids to learn

Holding the attention of children can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to teaching subjects as complicated as languages. However, with Gus on the go children will now have an exciting and interactive way to learn French. The bright and fun animations and games keep your child entertained and learning. Users can download the app for $3.99.

A fun, engaging way to learn
Interactive lessons
In-app progress tracking

23. Best for Verb conjugations: Linguasorb

Available On: Website

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive learning plan
  • Fun quizzes and games
  • Up-to-date verb conjugations provided
  • List of tutors provided based on users’ location

Created by a frustrated learner, Linguasorb was his answer to a world of learning programs that lacked well-rounded resources. The platform offers users fun, interactive games and quizzes to help retain information as well as a blog to keep them up to date with various aspects of the French language including idioms and the best audio resources.

Comprehensive learning guidesThe platform only offers its Spanish lessons in app format
Interesting blog posts to update users on the French language and help with reading practice

24. Best for French Podcast: FrenchPod 101

Available On: Website

Key Features:

  • Audio and video lessons
  • Learn through assessments
  • Native French-speaking teachers

One of the best ways to learn any language is through audio, when it comes to learning French listening to French podcasts will not only help any user gain a better understanding of the language but it’ll help improve pronunciation and intonation skills too. Better yet, users can do this hands-free no matter where they are for as little as $3.00 per month for the basic package, $7.00 per month for the premium package, or $14.97 per month for the premium plus package.

Great for those that learn best through listeningThe autoplay feature does not work on the app
Hands-free learningUsers cannot save their stop points when listening
Learn on the go
Improve pronunciation and vocabulary

25. Best for speaking to Natives: Tandem

Available On: iStore, Play Store

Key Features:

  • Speak with native French speakers
  • Improve your French pronunciation

Make friends from around the world and improve your French speaking skills with Tandem. The app allows you to connect with native French-speaking users and allows you to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, and intonation skills. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases necessary. This is no doubt the best app to learn French speaking.

Free downloadSome features are hidden behind a paywall
Make global friends
Improve French pronunciation
Easy-to-use app interface

C’est simple! – Make It Easy Peasy with Best Apps to Learn French

Source: Unplash

As the saying goes, it is indeed easy peasy. Even though it is hard to find the best app to learn French, now that you’ve been provided with a list of some of the highest-ranking French learning apps, and we hope that some of the tension has been taken out of making your choice and that you’ll soon begin your learning journey. Understanding how to learn French can be a rewarding experience, especially once you find the right app and tutors to suit your needs, such as the accredited tutors from AmazingTalker. Not only are they native French speaking but they will draw up a tailor-made learning schedule for you, ensuring that the process is fun and informative and that you walk away with fluent French skills. Do not forget to check out this list of the best app to learn French before start learning the language!


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