30 Examples of Email Writing for Students: Format, Tips, and More

Here are our guidelines for the email writing format for students. Being able to write a well-structured email is crucial for anyone’s professional life, so take time to do research and learn about email writing. This article will help you gain knowledge on email writing format for students through tips, examples, and details on what a good email consists of. Don’t worry if you feel you are still struggling with your basic English language skills, AmazingTalker can show you how to learn English faster and better, too!

Basic Writing Format of an email

Below is the composition of how you should plan your email writing format. You will need a good layout, but an important part of writing is also vocabulary, creativity, and tone. If you want to expand your writing ability, then have a look at these helpful online writing courses!

  • Subject
  • Greetings
  • Opening
  • Body
  • Closing
  • Signature


The purpose of a subject is to give an overview of the contents of your email. It should be short and sweet, yet descriptive. You will want to grab the attention of your reader with your subject line, so make sure it is original and personal. It is a very important part of an email, as it helps higher the chances of the email being opened and responded to.


  • Order confirmation.
  • Save the date!
  • Urgent: Unit 212, roof leak.


The way you greet your recipient is also an important part of your email. If you are too casual then you might lose the reader’s interest, especially for a job application. The level of professionalism in your greeting depends on who the email is being sent. Here are a few examples of greetings:

  • Good morning/day
  • To whom it may concern
  • Dear ____


The opening of your email needs to be direct and must link back to the subject, this helps the reader understand the purpose of the email. You can mention a question that you will elaborate on in the body of the email. This part of the email shouldn’t be long.

An Example:

  • I’m contacting you with concerns about your eco-friendly packaging, I am curious to know what your minimum order quantity is.

After this opening, you will elaborate in your body on the packaging you are looking for, what it will be used for and when you will need it.


This is the largest part of an email, it is where you expand on the main purpose of your message. Here you need to be professional and kind, but get your point across clearly. If the body is lengthy, it helps to section your message/questions and highlight very important information.

Make your email more ‘scannable’ with these few tips:

  • Create a list, with bullet points.
  • Keep paragraphs short and sweet.
  • Use small headings, bold letters, color, etc.
  • Attach images or links to convey a message more easily.

Avoid adding too much detail to your email, if it is too long then you might bore readers and never get a response.


It’s time to wrap it all up! Here you will end the conversation and have the option to mention any thoughts going forward. You’ll want to end off in a good tone, so be respectful and thankful for their time.

Your intention will determine how you close off your email, here are some examples:

  • Please let me know if you have any further questions.
  • I am appreciative of your time and look forward to hearing from you.
  • Thanks for your assistance, I hope you have a lovely week!


You can change your sign-off, depending on the occasion and recipient. Here you will want to seem genuine and mention your contact details, along with your full name.

Here are some standard sign-offs:

  • Best wishes.
  • Thank you.
  • Kind regards
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How to write better emails in English

As a novice to email writing, you might feel overwhelmed at times. If you are completely new to speaking English then maybe have a look at these beginner English lessons, and if you have some experience check out these advanced English lessons. This article is specifically focused on email writing format for students, but the tips below will help anyone. Here are some ideas to help you get more comfortable and find your voice:

  • Proofread for any spelling or grammar errors.
  • Choose words wisely, and avoid repetition.
  • Be true to yourself.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Be consistent with your font and sizing.

Proofread your work.

This is an extremely significant factor. Your recipient won’t take you seriously if your email is riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Type out your email in full, and then go over it again and again. This will not only help you change your errors, but it will give you the ability to improve the structure of your email and find better ways to communicate your message.

Choose words wisely.

The words you use will determine how your reader interprets your email and views you as an individual. Avoid using any type of slang or casual language, unless the email is to a very close friend. Try to broaden your vocabulary by searching synonyms for your chosen word. Use professional and slightly advanced words to seem more intellectual, but make sure you fully understand the meaning of the word… we don’t want any unnecessary embarrassment!

Be true to yourself.

You are the writer, this is the time for your voice to be heard. Get your message across clearly, but don’t be afraid to add a little bit of humor or kindness. Let your personality shine and be genuine in your tone, but maintain a professional style throughout the email to ensure you are respectful.

Use short sentences and paragraphs.

Readers have a very short attention span these days, so you don’t want to bore them. Make sure you remove any unnecessary words and are very direct with your intention. This will help the recipient scan through the email easily and will higher your chances of getting a quick response.

Be consistent with your font and sizing.

An email that has different fonts and sizing is too busy for a reader, and could possibly come across as spam. Make sure your email flows well and that it is uniform. You can include bold text or headings that are slightly larger in size but ensure it looks neat.

Email Examples for Students, Personal Occasions, and Workplace

Below are some email writing examples to help you understand the format better and spark some ideas, including emails for academic situations, personal occasions, and workplaces!

Email Writing Examples : Students

Subject: 2023 chemistry application

To whom it may concern, Opening/body: I am honored to be applying to the University of Cape Town. Please see attached for the necessary documents to complete my application for 2023. I have always had a huge passion for Chemistry and I believe I will add value to the university in many aspects. Closing I look forward to hearing back from you. Signature: Kind regards, Hayley Theron
Subject: Regarding Assignment from Megan
Greeting: Dear Ma'am, Opening/body: I hope you are having a lovely afternoon. I have some questions regarding our assignment.
- How should I reference my sources?
- Can I use colored designs?
- When is the due date next week? Closing Thanks so much, Ma'am, I hope you like the topic I chose! Signature: Sincerely, Megan Brown
Subject: Sick Notice
Greeting: Greetings Professor William, Opening/body: I hope your morning is oof to a great start. Unfortunately, I am not feeling well today and will not be able to come to your class. Closing Please let me know if there is anything important I need to revise on my own. Signature: Regards, Ashley Smith
Subject: Luke Tinker's extra murals

Greeting: Dear Mrs. Taylor, Opening/body: Thank you for all your emails regarding this school year. I would like to ask a question.
Would Luke be able to play cricket and attend the chess club? Or do the time clash?
Closing Thanks again for all your time and guidance. He is so excited about his last year. Signature: Best Wishes, Fran Tinker
Subject: Assignment Help
Greeting: Greetings Kyle, Opening/body: I hope your assignment is coming along well. I am feeling a bit confused concerning Q7. How did you answer that section? Closing Thanks for your help. You are an amazing classmate. Signature: Kind regards, Grant Hill
Subject: Resource inquiry
Greeting: Dear Sir, Opening/body: Firstly, I just want to say the lecture you gave on Tuesday was so mind-provoking, thank you for always expanding our knowledge and pushing us past our limits. I was curious to know which books you quoted from, and if there are any other resources I should read with concerns to the topic. Closing I am very grateful to have you as a teacher, thank you so much! Signature: Sincerely, Julie Perry
Subject: Bursary Acceptance
Greeting: To whom it may concern, Opening/body: I am delighted to inform you that I will be accepting your bursary for the upcoming school year. Please let me know what documentation you need from me to finalize things. Closing I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and I know I will make the most of it! Signature: Kind regards, Belinda Kingsley
Subject: Law Lecture Notes
Greeting: Dear Lindsey, Opening/body: I am so grateful to have you as a class buddy. You always know what's going on! Please send me the notes from today’s business law lecture, I couldn't attend due to a doctor’s appointment. Closing I hope I didn't miss out so much. Signature: Yours truly, Jack Ford
Subject: Assignment hand in
Greeting: Greetings Mr. Johnson, Opening/body: Thank you for your feedback concerning the assignment. I have completed the task and am able to hand it in tomorrow. Please let me know what time you will be available. Closing: I look forward to finishing this module. You have been a great teacher, truly. Signature: Sincerely, Nick Curt

Email Writing Examples : Personal Occasions

Subject: Wedding Invitation
Greeting: Dear Mr & Mrs Wright Opening/body: You have been formally invited to celebrate the union of Sarah and Dirk. Please see attached image for our wedding date, venue, and dress code details. Closing: We cannot wait to enjoy your company on this special day of ours. We hope you can make it! Signature: Love, Sarah and Dirk
Subject: Baby Shower Invitation

Hello Fiona, Opening/body: I am excited to let you know that… I am pregnant! I will be hosting my baby shower on the 14th of November, in my hometown. I am bursting with joy, I remember us speaking about this period of our lives when we were younger. Closing: Please let me know if you will be able to attend, it would be lovely to see you. Signature: Warm regards, Geena Frank
Subject: Memorial service
Greeting: Dear Justin, Opening/body: With a very heavy heart, I inform you that my father passed away last Sunday. We will be having a memorial service next week Tuesday, at 11 am, at Newlands Church. My family and I would appreciate having you there, but understand if you cannot make it. Closing: Please RSVP by Friday afternoon, so we can plan the catering. Signature: Kind regards, Helen Gerber
Subject: RE: Baby Williams
Greetings: Dear Nina, Opening/body: Congratulations to you and your husband on your pregnancy! I would love to attend the baby shower next month. Please send me your gift registry, so I can spoil you and your future baby. Closing: Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Signature: Sincerely, Mindy Farr
Subject: RE: Venue hire
Good day Jessie, Opening/body: Thank you for completing the venue hire form. I ask that you please pay the deposit as soon as possible, so we can secure everything for your 30th birthday. Closing: We look forward to hosting you on your special day! Signature: Kind regards, Jackie Burn

Email Writing Examples : Workplace

Source: Inc.com
Subject: New project meetings
Greeting: Good Morning Steven, Opening/body: I hope you had a lovely break and are ready to get back to work! Please note that we have 2 meetings this week for the new project that we are taking on. I have shared the dates and times with you on Trello, please have a look at the notes and prepare any questions you might have for the client. Closing: Our team is so happy to have you back! Signature: Sincerely, Louise Stellar
Subject: Product launch
Greetings Charles, Opening/body: Thank you for responding to my email so swiftly. I am excited to launch this new product and see where it takes us. Could we by any chance have a sample by Friday morning? Closing: I have a good feeling about this, thanks for all your effort! Signature: Best wishes, Frida Doyle
Subject: Resignation letter
Dear Mr. Arnold, Opening/body: I am sad to announce that I am handing in my resignation letter. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at this company and have grown so much because of the opportunities I was given. Unfortunately, my husband got a job offer overseas, so we have decided to move. Closing: You have been one of the best managers I have ever had, thank you for everything. Signature: Kind regards, Madelyn Nixon
Subject: Office game night
Greeting: Greetings Blake, Opening/body: Welcome to our team! We are so excited for you to join us and look forward to getting to know you. Every Thursday we host a small games night to socialize and have fun as a group. I think it would be great for you to join, especially to interact with your new colleagues. Closing: Let me know if you are available or not. Signature: Sincerely, James Creed
Subject: Design draft

Dear Mrs Strydom, Opening/body: Please see attached for the latest draft. I added a few elements and made the text bold, as per your request. I will need to finalize the design by Wednesday at 1 pm so that the printers have enough time to get everything finished before the event on Saturday. Closing: This has been an exciting project to work on, I hope you love this recent design! Signature: Kind regards, Paige Thomas
Subject: Team building trip
Greeting: Good morning Mike, Opening/body: Thank you for organizing everything, this trip is going to be so good for the team. Please note that Chad and Nick cannot attend, as Chad is sick and Nick will be attending a family event. Jenna confirmed with me today that she can come, but requires a vegetarian meal. Closing: I cannot wait to see the team-building activities you have planned. Signature: Best wishes, Belinda Howells
Subject: ABC furniture evaluation
Greeting: Greetings Oscar, Opening/body: I hope you had a restful weekend. Our client from ABC furniture is asking me if we could come in tomorrow to do an evaluation for them. I know it is last minute, but I would really appreciate it if you could come with me, they really seem to like you. Closing: I’d be happy to grab lunch if you do! Please let me know ASAP. Signature: Sincerely, Katy Gomez
Subject: Urgent: Spreadsheet review
Greeting: Dear Mr Miles, Opening/body: This is a reminder to review the spreadsheets I sent to you last week. They are due on Thursday, and the client already messaged me to check in on the progress. I feel the first two are perfect, but I am not sure about some calculations on the third one. Closing: Thank you for your time and assistance. Signature: Kind regards, Nellie Mitchell
Subject: NB launch reschedule
Greeting: Good day Brian, Opening/body: I hope this email finds you well. We need to reschedule the launch date as the packaging company is low on stock. Please can we sit down to discuss when we will move our launch date too? I have openings tomorrow from 11-2 or Friday from 9-12. Closing: Please let me know which day and time work for you. Signature: Best wishes, Gillian Milne
Subject: SceneMedia budget
Greeting: Greetings Frank, Opening/body: I know you and Caitlin have been working on the SceneMedia deal for us and that it has been going well so far. Their manager gave me a call this morning to ask if we could potentially lower our costs. They would really like to work with us but have a strict budget to adhere to. Closing: Please see if this is by any means possible, as I feel they have great potential as a long-term client. Signature: Warm regards, Matthew Light
Subject: Leave application 
Greeting: Dear Mrs Joseph, Opening/body:** I have some news with regard to my position, I recently fell pregnant! This of course means that I will be applying for my maternity leave. Please will you forward me the forms that need to be filled out and any other information that is crucial? I will try my best to wrap things up with my clients before I leave. Closing: Thanks for your help. Signature: Sincerely, Helen Williams
Subject: Position meeting
Greeting: Good Morning Gareth, Opening/body: You have been so helpful with the past 4 projects and have grown so much in the last year, therefore we would love to offer you a promotion! Please make time for a meeting with me and Dirk this week, so we can discuss the details of the promotion. You will have a week to consider the offer and get back to us. Closing: Congratulations on this achievement, you deserve it! Signature: Best wishes, Billie Hunt
Subject: Job Application

To whom it may concern, Opening/body: My name is Hannah, I have recently finished my degree in law and would be honored to come and work for your firm. Please see attached my CV. I am a young and enthusiastic woman, who is extremely driven and a fast learner. I received one of the highest grades for 2 of my modules and I was a part of the student law committee. I feel I would add value to any workspace and that I am an easy person to work with. Closing: Please consider my application. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Signature: Kind regards, Hannah Curt
Subject: Andrea doctor’s note
Greeting: Good day Vanessa, Opening/body: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I cannot come into the office this week. I have been terribly ill with a tummy bug and wouldn’t want to pass it on to anyone else in the office. I have seen the doctor but there isn’t much I can do but let it settle. I will try my best to get work done from home. Closing: Please see the attachment of my doctor's note. Signature: Sincerely, Andrea Kriel
Subject: Salary meeting
Greeting: Dear Mr Till Opening/body: I have been working extremely hard these last few months and have been hitting my goals more than any other employee. I would like to request a meeting with you to discuss a potential salary increase. Please let me know when you are available to chat. Closing: I look forward to it. Signature: Best wishes, Ollie McGregor
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Ready, Set, and Write!

So there you have it, a complete explanation of the format of email writing. Writing is becoming a very sought-after skill, therefore improving your English writing is crucial for your career and personal life. We hope learning about email writing format for students helped you, even if you aren’t a student! If you feel you still need to learn more English before you start typing away, then simply hire an English tutor to assist you. Pop over to AmazingTalker to find a high-quality tutor that suits your needs!

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