40 English Words with Multiple Meanings and Example Sentences

A homonym is a case where two or more words sound the same but have completely different meanings. This refers to cases with similarities in words and pronunciations such as homophones, which are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. While, homographs are words that are spelt the same but have different pronunciations and meanings. There are also Capitonyms, where the word changes its meaning when it’s either capitalized or not.

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10 Homonym examples

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  1. Address – Address
    • I can give you the address of a good Doctor.
    • That man was addressing me in his speech.
  2. Band – Band
    • The band was playing songs from the 80s.
    • She ties her hair up in a band.
  3. Bat – Bat
    • I am scared of bats.
    • It’s his first time to bat in his baseball matches.
  4. Match – Match
    • If you suspect a gas leak do not strike a match or use electricity.
    • Her fingerprints match those found at the scene of the crime.
  5. Mean – Mean
    • What does this sentence mean?
    • He needed to find a mean of the data.
  6. Right – Right
    • I’m sure my answer is right.
    • Take a right turn at the intersection.
  7. Ring – Ring
    • What a beautiful wedding ring!
    • I heard the doorbell ring.
  8. Rock – Rock
    • He formed a rock music band with some friends while in college.
    • To mine the ore, they had to dig through solid rock.
  9. Rose – Rose
    • She has a beautiful rose garden.
    • Crime rates rose by 50% over the Festive season.
  10. Spring – Spring
    • I’m sorry to spring it on you, but I’ve been offered another job.
    • My favourite season is spring.

10 Homophone examples

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  1. Fort – Fought
    • I will hold down the fort today.
    • He fought so many wars in his time.
  2. Foul – Fowl
    • There was a foul stench in the air.
    • The farm had cattle such as fowl, sheep, and cows.
  3. Groan – Grown
    • He let out a groan of pain
    • She has grown up so much.
  4. Holy – Wholly
    • The priest pours holy water on the child’s head.
    • The incident was wholly the fault of the criminal.
  5. Hour – Our
    • The concert was over an hour long.
    • We love our new home.
  6. I – Eye
    • I had left my hometown when I was 25.
    • I hurt my eye.
  7. Know – No
    • I know what it means.
    • He said no.
  8. Links – Lynx
    • The chain links are sturdy.
    • The lynx is a dangerous predator.
  9. Meet – Meat
    • I hope we can meet again soon.
    • I do not like eating meat anymore.
  10. Peace – Piece
    • I hope he rests in peace.
    • There was a piece of meat left in the stew.

10 Homograph examples

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  1. Attribute
    • Many Scientists attribute the experiment’s success to the good specimens provided.
    • My physical attributes make me an ideal candidate for the job.
  2. Abstract
    • He enjoys viewing abstract art.
    • Abstracts of about 300 words in your thesis.
  3. Back
    • I’ll be back in a minute.
    • He stood with his back to the door.
  4. Ball
    • Bounce the ball against the wall.
    • We had a ball of a time.
  5. Can
    • I can work from home.
    • I would like a can of soda with my meal.
  6. Capital
    • Cairo is the capital of Egypt.
    • Please write your details in capital letters
  7. Date
    • The date on the email was incorrect.
    • He went on a date tonight.
  8. Dear
    • His friend was very dear to him.
    • Come along, my dear, let’s go.
  9. Effect
    • My abusive childhood had a significant effect on me.
    • Teachers need to effect change in their student’s learning.
  10. Fine
    • I’m fine with pineapple on pizza.
    • Offenders will be liable to a hefty fine.

10 Capitonym examples

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  1. China – china
    • China is a country
    • He displayed much fine china in his home
  2. Divine – divine
    • The Divine Providence of God
    • To divine is to discover through intuition.
  3. Earth – earth
    • The planet Earth
    • The earthen soil
  4. March – march
    • The concert is in March
    • We will march forward
  5. May – may
    • The match is happening in May
    • He may come to visit today
  6. Mercury – mercury
    • The planet Mercury
    • The mercury in the thermometer is heating up.
  7. Orient – orient
    • He comes from the Orient – in the Middle East
    • I am trying to orient myself in this new area.
  8. Polish – polish
    • He is of Polish descent
    • Please polish my shoes
  9. Titanic – titanic
    • The sinking of the ship Titanic was a tragic event in history.
    • That mountain is titanic in size.
  10. Turkey – turkey
    • I hope to visit Turkey someday.
    • I love turkey at thanksgiving.

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