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These days, learning a new language has become the new norm, with its benefits being widely recognized worldwide. With the benefits of improving your job scope by giving you a second language in the career field/location of your choosing, and enhancing your travels by unlocking the mysteries of various countries without being lost in translation – there are valuable reasons to learn a new language. To supplement your learning experience, check out these apps to learn a new language effectively.

With the increasing popularity of learning a new language, there is also an increase in the accessibility of a learning new languages with online courses and tutors on various platforms. To help you find your best matched language learning partner, we have compiled the 9 best online language courses with their prices and key features.

1. AmazingTalker

Amazing Talker has an intuitive website that is easy to use and provides you with a great selection of tutors for multiple languages. They have a simple interface that allows you to view and choose tutors from a detailed list provided, which shows you their price, reviews and bio description. They even have a filtering process based on the students’ age, language level and practical application intended for the language to help streamline your options to the tutor and course that is best matched for you.

Key Features: Amazing Talker features an AI-based online match-making system that is designed to help pair you with the most relevant and optimal tutors based on your learning needs and preferences. They have a great and diverse line-up of experienced and qualified native and/or bilingual tutors that cover 60+ languages and multiple proficiency levels within each language. Amazing Talker ensures that there is always a tutor and a lesson for someone. They offer cheap trial lessons to help you decide if the tutor and lesson is a good fit for you.

Price: Pricing can range from a minimum of $9 for a 25 minute lesson to $17 for a 50 minute lesson. ****

Best for: 1-on-1 lessons

2. Babbel

Babbel is a reliable and robust language learning app with a good reputation for its comprehensive, bite-sized teaching to beginners in various foreign languages. They use memorization and repetition techniques to help you learn and practice language fundamentals. Babbel is definitely a solid recommendation for beginners who need a structured start to their language learning journey into the language of their choice.

Key Features: Babbel provides a great learning experience for beginners who want to start out learning different languages with manageable lesson sizes and good coverage of the language basics. It offers affordable subscription plans and takes a step further to customize your learning by fine tuning content and lessons to your learning needs and objectives. Their method of memorization and repetition helps lock in fundamentals of the language before advancing to higher proficiency levels.

Price: Subscriptions cost $14.27 (monthly), $32.92 (quarterly), $52.66 (half yearly) or $78.96 (annually).

Best for: Beginners

3. Busuu

Busuu a popular language-learning app where you can perform exercises to practice your speaking and writing language skills and receive feedback from native speakers in the language you are learning. This can be done via 1-on-1 private tutoring or group sessions, giving you more options to accommodate your learning style.

Price: Free version with premium plan subscriptions between $6 to $12 per month

Key Features: Busuu offers engaging language lessons and exercises to hone your skills that are delivered in bite-sized portions. A supportive community of Native-speaking tutors offer private 1-on-1 or group sessions based on the student’s needs. There are productive features as well such as certificates for completion of courses and progress tracking to keep you engaged and motivated.

Best for: Beginners

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is a fun language learning app that delivers bite-sized lessons to beginners or those who just want to practice their language skills. They teach languages in the form of 5-minute daily lessons that are designed to help you improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills. It is a great free resource for students to experiment with before looking for actual paid lessons to learn.

Key Features: Duolingo is a great Kickstarter app for beginners who want to test the waters before committing to a full class and lesson plan, making it a risk-free option. With its fun games and learning activities, it is a great supplementary tool to help you practice languages daily. It is available on Apple and Android devices for greater accessibility and allows you to do your daily 5-minute exercises from anywhere, keeping you engaged and motivated

Price: Free

Best for: Beginners

5. edX

edX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field of language learning such as Harvard University’s CitiesX courses. They offer various language learning courses delivered by professionals to teach the language itself, as well as other courses related to its culture and literature.

Key Features: edX provides a very robust, accredited and higher level of language education that is aimed to expand more than just your language skills, but also your experiences and opportunities by teaching and exploring the culture behind the language as well.

Price: Not available upfront

Best for: Accredited Learning

6. Fluentu

FluentU is an online immersion course that provides short native language videos with its lessons. The material is often engaging and tied to real life scenarios and can range from a news clip to other interesting media that gives you choice in your lessons.

Key Features: The videos offered by Fluentu are native in the language you are learning and has interactive subtitles that serve as live captions for instant definitions and context. There are also review quizzes to test your knowledge of the content and material you have been covering. This is a great way to sharpen your listening, speaking and comprehension skills.

Price: 14 day free trial period, pay $30 per month or $20 per month for a year-long subscription.

Best for: Immersion Learning

7. italki

italki is a language learning platform that connects you to both teachers and tutors of various languages. It provides a great list of vetted tutors to teach you many different languages at your desired proficiency level. The tutors offer affordable lessons that concentrate on developing your verbal communication skills. They have great accessibility options with their apps on Android and Apple devices to accommodate your schedule.

Key Features: italki has a good reputation of recruiting experienced and qualified tutors through their comprehensive vetting process, guaranteeing you a quality learning experience. As their name suggests, the focus for italki is developing your verbal communication skills such as pronunciation and related skills. While learning with italki, you will also have access to a supportive community of language learners and tutors that you can share your learning experiences with.

Price: Starts at $4/hour with an average of around $10/hour

Best for: Verbal communication skills

8. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a good language learning tool for beginners to develop their listening and speaking comprehension and language proficiency in the many languages offered. With the use of their trademark “Dr. Pimsleur’s method”, you’re able to learn on all aspects with the sole focus of speaking the language efficiently and without rules nor boring drills of memorization or repetition. This is because of their aim to help you learn the phrases and words you would most probably need in daily conversations and situations. Using this, they help develop your vocabulary, grammar, and native-like pronunciation ****with each audio lesson. This includes vocabulary, greetings, common phrases and expressions you would need when talking to native speakers.

Key Features: Pimsleur provides practical teaching on realistic situations and application of speaking skills right away. With the focus primarily on speaking skills, it incorporates cultural aspects into lessons as well – such as dialects and context to social situations where you would apply the language practically. They offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate students with apps on Android and Apple devices for better accessibility

Price: $21.95 (per 5 lessons) $119.95 (per full level, which includes 30 lessons).

Best for: Speaking Skills Development

9. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a commonly known language learning site that is good for beginners. It introduces you to the basics of languages such as basic vocabulary and pronunciation. Their immersion approach removes translations from their teaching, throwing you in the deep end to learn the language without this assistance. While this may help certain students, the lack of English explanations/translations can provide limitations to those who may struggle to understand the basics without the translation guidance – especially when you are entering as a fresh beginner.

Key Features: Rosetta stone has comprehensively structured lessons help to practice all skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. It uses its powerful immersion approach to fully submerge students into the language to learn the it unfiltered and untranslated.

Price: $35.97 (for 3 months), $119.88 (for a year), $167.76 (for two years) or $199 once for access to all languages.

Best for: Immersion Learning

Have you found your perfect language learning course?

After reading about the various popular language learning platforms with their courses, pricing and key features – you are well equipped to choose your ideal language learning partner to embark on an exciting journey of learning a new language. All language learning platforms come with their own unique features, buy you are sure to find the one that meets your needs.

Interested in learning a new language or want to boost your language skills? Come on over to AmazingTalker to check out our professional tutors that offer flexible and affordable lessons on dozens of cool languages!

About AmazingTalker

About AmazingTalker

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